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The 21 BEST Royal National Park Walks (2024 Hiking Guide)

The 21 BEST Royal National Park Walks (2024 Hiking Guide)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the best Royal National Park walks, filled with the local advice, tips and information to help you make the most of your next Sydney hiking trip!

The Royal National Park is located just 45 minutes south of Sydney, and is the most popular park in all of Australia.

It was established in 1879, making it not only Australia’s oldest national park, but the second oldest in the entire world (after Yellowstone in the USA).

With over 15,000 hectares of protected land, from jaw-dropping coastal cliffs, isolated beaches, stunning waterfalls, dense native bush and picturesque swimming holes, there really is something for everyone in the Royal National Park.

If you’re an active person you’re in luck, because the Royal National Park is also home to some of the best walks in Sydney.

With easy access from the CBD, you can get here by public transport, or if you have your own vehicle, there’s lots of parking available wherever you want to explore.

Whether you live in Sydney or are just here on a holiday, we highly recommend you visit the Royal National Park to bask in some of the state’s most incredible coastal views.

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In this article we’ll dive into the best Royal National Park walks, from short trails to the legendary multi-day hike, the Royal Coastal Track.

We’ll also share tips on how to get to Royal National Park from Sydney or other nearby towns, when to visit and where you can camp here.

Our guide to the best Royal National Park walks includes:

  • The Coast Track – 26km One-way 
  • Bundeena to Jibbon Head Loop – 6.8 Loop
  • Jibbon Beach Loop Track – 5km Loop
  • Bundeena to Big Marley Head – 10.8km Loop
  • Bundeena to Little Marley Beach – 14km Return 
  • Loftus to Bundeena via Winifred Falls – 18.5km One-way
  • Audley to Gibraltar Rock – 2.2km Return 
  • Uloola Walking Track, Audley to Waterfalls- 11km One-way 
  • Robertson Roundabout – 2.3km Loop 
  • Engadine Track, Engadine to Audley – 5.6km One-way
  • Wattamolla Picnic Area to Wattamolla Dam – 1.7 Return
  • Wattamolla to Little Marley Beach or Big Marley Beach – 10.4km Loop
  • Wattamolla to Eagle Rock and Curracurrong Falls – 7.4km Return
  • Providential Point – 1.6km Return 
  • Wattamolla to Garie Beach – 7.6km One-way 
  • Karloo Walking Track – 10km Return
  • Heathcote to Engadine Loop – 15km One-way
  • Couranga Walking Track – 9.8km Return
  • Otford to Figure Eight Pools Loop (Palm Jungle Loop)- 13.4km…

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