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Hilton Honors Points & Money: Customize Payments for Redemptions

Hilton Honors Points & Money: Customize Payments for Redemptions

Hilton Honors offers members the opportunity to earn and redeem Hilton Honors points at 7,000+ hotels and resorts in over 110 countries.

There’s great value to be found by redeeming Hilton Honors points for free nights; however, there may be situations in which you don’t quite have enough for a redemption, or perhaps you’re saving some of your points for an aspirational trip in the future.

In these cases, one useful option is to use the Hilton Honors “Points & Money” feature, which allows you to use a combination of points and cash for a hotel stay.

What Is Hilton Honors Points & Money?

Hilton Honors Points & Money feature allows members to have more flexibility when redeeming points for free nights at Hilton hotels.

Through this feature, instead of paying for a hotel stay with either points or cash, you can pay with a customized combination of the two.

Using Hilton Honors Points & Money, you can redeem as few as 5,000 points towards a stay, and from that jumping off point, you can adjust the rate in increments of 1,000 points.

With Points & Money, the amount of cash you save on each booking is proportional to the percentage of points you redeem.

As a general rule, if you choose to redeem 50% of the full amount of points required for a free night, you’ll save 50% off the cash rate. If you redeem 20% of the required points, you’ll save 20% of the required cash component and so on.

Keep in mind that while the amount you save isn’t always exactly proportional, it does end up being fairly close.

To better understand this, let’s look at an example.

Use the Hilton Honors Points & Money feature to customize the payment for your stay

Let’s say that one night at a Hilton hotel costs $500 (all figures in USD) or 40,000 Hilton Honors points, but you want to pay with a combination of points and money.

Since you have to redeem at least 5,000 points to access the Points & Money option, we’ll start there. Redeeming 5,000 points is equivalent to 12.5% of the total points required for the stay (40,000 points), allowing you to save 12.5% of the total cash cost of the stay.

In this example, that’d be 12.5% of $500, or $62.50, which equals a value of 1.25 cents per point.

Another way to calculate how much value you’ll get for your points when using the Points & Money option is by dividing the total amount of the cash rate by the total amount of points required for the…

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