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A Guide to the Most Unusual Golf Courses in the World

An aerial shot of the fields of Golf course in Oberwaltersdorf, Austria

An aerial shot of the fields of Golf course in Oberwaltersdorf, Austria
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Golf enthusiasts, get ready to embark on a journey that transcends the traditional fairways and bunkers. The world is home to golf courses that defy the ordinary, offering players unique and unconventional experiences. From extreme landscapes to creative designs, here’s a guide to the most unusual golf courses that will take your golfing adventures to a whole new level.

1. Uummannaq Golf Course, Greenland: Golf on Ice

Nestled in the icy wilderness of Greenland, the Uummannaq Golf Course provides a surreal golfing experience on a course covered in snow and surrounded by breathtaking Arctic scenery. Golfers swap traditional golf carts for sleds, navigating the frozen terrain while enjoying the challenge of putting on an ice-covered green. This course is a testament to the adaptability of golf, turning a frosty landscape into a unique and unforgettable golfing destination. As the Northern Lights dance overhead, each swing becomes a memorable moment in this frozen wonderland.

2. Nullarbor Links, Australia: The Longest Golf Course in the World

Spanning over 1,365 kilometers (848 miles) across the vast Australian Outback, Nullarbor Links holds the title of the longest golf course globally. This extraordinary course features a hole in each participating town along the Eyre Highway, creating a golfing odyssey that challenges both skill and endurance. Golfers traverse the arid landscape, encountering iconic Australian wildlife and taking in the expansive views of the Nullarbor Plain—a truly epic golfing adventure. The Nullarbor Links not only tests golfing prowess but also offers a unique opportunity to experience the diverse and rugged beauty of the Australian Outback.

3. Legend Golf & Safari Resort, South Africa: Extreme 19th Hole

Situated in the heart of South Africa, the Legend Golf & Safari Resort boasts the “Extreme 19th Hole,” a par-3 that takes golfing to new heights—literally. Accessible only by helicopter, this hole is located atop Hanglip Mountain and requires a 400-meter descent from tee to green. Surrounded by the untamed beauty of the African wilderness, golfers not only navigate a challenging hole but also enjoy panoramic views that make this an unforgettable golfing experience. The Extreme 19th Hole at Legend Golf & Safari Resort offers an adrenaline-pumping start with a helicopter…

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