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14 Awesome Things To Do In Mudgee NSW

The Mudgee WWII Memorial Clock at the roundabout intersection of Church and Market Streets, Mudgee.

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We love rural, small towns for their laid-back lifestyle and warm hospitality. Australia is not short of them, too. Despite being a small town, there are plenty of things to do in Mudgee, New South Wales, which is known for its wine production, historic buildings, and vibrant community spirit.

Mudgee. | Credit: Destination NSW

Why, oh why, did we wait 40 years to visit Mudgee? We grew up only 4 hours away, but it wasn’t until our 18-month road trip around Australia that we made the effort to go.

Well, let me just say Mudgee, as wine regions go, you’re a great alternative to the Hunter Valley. In fact, you’re our new favourite town in Country NSW – not just for your quality wine, but also for the heritage buildings, bustling streets, urban parks and country charm.

historic buildings in main st mudgee

I know it’s a cliche, but Mudgee is a true hidden gem. It’s one of those towns that you go to for 5 minutes and you’re already a fan. It has that special something that you can’t wait to discover more of.

After being recommended to go to Mudgee many times, we can confirm it won’t be another 40 years before we re-visit.

If you’re not sure what to do in Mudgee, here are some of our favorite attractions and places to visit…

Things To Do In Mudgee

1. Visit Mudgee Wineries

woman and child sitting at table with winery views
Lowe Winery

The highlight of our visit to Mudgee, was of course, visiting the wineries. The Mudgee Wine Region is not short of wineries to visit.

We soon found out why the Mudgee Wineries are award winning from the variety of wine tasting and wine bars on offer.

Whilst most people are familiar with the previously mentioned Hunter Valley, Mudgee is growing in popularity and we now know why.

Tour the wineries on bikes

woman and child cycling down country road

One great experience you must do in Mudgee is bike the wineries.

Because they’re close in proximity to each other, and the terrain is generally flat, it makes for a great day out.

Cycling between them put a fun twist on the experience with our kids.

woman and child cycling down country road
Cycling the wineries in Mudgee, NSW

We always love exploring destinations on our bikes, and getting some fresh air whilst taking in the beautiful scenery at a slower pace was great between all the taste testing.

Kalyra got so excited she turned into a speed demon.

Blue Wren Wines

people sitting at tables in front of wine tasting shed at Blue Wren Wines

The first stop on our winery day out was Blue Wren Wines for lunch.

We needed to eat before our cycling and wine tasting day…

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