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These 15 Photos Capture the Beauty of the Night Sky | Travel

A nighttime ceremony is performed under a heavenly, star-filled sky.

Light pollution may make it difficult to appreciate the night sky, but away from the streetlights and neon signs of the cities, the heavenly bodies above are clearly visible. Constellations, far-off planets and galaxies fill the atmosphere, offering awe-inspiring, beautiful scenes.

Up above the world so high, these objects—light-years away and eons old—remind us to appreciate nature whenever possible. There’s no time like the present, so take a look. 

A nighttime ceremony is performed under a heavenly, star-filled sky.

Chongfeng Wu, China, 2019

Large radio telescopes dot the horizon

Large radio telescopes dot the horizon. Are they listening for extraterrestrial signs of life?

Steve Aicinena, New Mexico, 2015

a wrecked boat with star trails above

An old wrecked ship makes it easy to take an Instagram-worthy photo under the night sky near Point Reyes National Seashore.

Brian Cho, California, 2019

dusk above a body of water

The sun meets the horizon, filling the sky with soft violet, orange and pink hues.

Daniel Brogdon, Texas, 2017

snow-capped mountains beneath the stars

These are not snow-capped mountains beneath the stars. It’s white sand cascading over the peaks of the Pamirs.

Hu Qing, China, 2019

a group of Baobab trees at night in Madagascar

Baobab trees, known for their wide trunks that support truncated branches, are native to Madagascar and Australia. Here, they stand sentinel under a cloud-strewn sky.

Beverly Houwing, Madagascar, 2019

Camels laying down in the desert at night

Camels take a load off and look toward the stars during their night’s rest.

Luka Sarac, Morocco, 2018

fireflies and the night sky

Stars and fireflies are a blur as they move around a single tree seemingly growing out of stone.

Himadri Bhuyan, India, 2020

a meteor shower

Perseids meteor showers seemingly rip through the darkness of the night sky.

Wei Xu, China, 2023

A starry night sky reflects light off the shallow waters of Horseshoe Bend in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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