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Is London Safe? 10 Essential Facts To Know Before Visiting

Westminster Bridge and Big Ben in London , United Kingdom

You must visit London, England, at least once in your life. This great city is a bucket-list favorite with good reason.

London oozes pageantry, antiquity, and drama. Not only that, it’s the birthplace of the one-way street and the public flushing toilet!

But personal safety is an even more important factor on any vacation, especially if you’re bringing family. So is London safe to visit?

You may think you know London from blockbusters like the Harry Potter movies and Love Actually. But are London’s historic streets actually safe? Are we talking cuddly Notting Hill or creepy Diagon Alley? 

I’ve lived and worked near the center and on the fringes of London, both north and south of the River Thames, for years. I’m here to tell you that despite alarmist headlines, London is a safe city to visit.

There’s no hiding the fact that London’s crime figures aren’t great. But no big city is guaranteed super safe. Still, it’s worth drilling down into the stats to see how London compares with other major cities.

In any destination, thieves see tourists as soft targets. So, you can take steps to lessen your chances of being the target of crime. To help you feel safe, here are ten things you need to know before you visit London. And don’t forget to check out our London packing list.

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How Safe Is London Compared to Other Cities?

Westminster Bridge and Big Ben in London , United Kingdom
Patryk Kosmider / Adobe Stock

London compares well to other major cities when it comes to safety. It helps that, according to the 2023 Global Peace Index, Europe is the world’s most peaceful region. The United Kingdom ranks 37 out of 163 countries.

When comparing urban safety, The Economist‘s Safe Cities Index places London in the top 25% of the world’s safest cities. While London ranks 14 out of 60, New York City is 27.

London also features in the ten safest cities in Europe, at number 6. For the record, Copenhagen in Denmark…

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