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Crew cab truck with a pop-up truck camper parked near the mountains

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Pop-up truck campers are designed for a little more portability and lighter weight than traditional truck campers. When the pop-up is down, it’s more streamlined, with a tighter and more compact profile. For those reasons, it’s understandable when bathrooms are out of the question.

Composting toilets, cassette toilets, bucket toilets, and little portable toilets of varying designs are typically the go-to bathroom options for smaller campers.

However, times are changing and more pop-up truck manufacturers are figuring out ways to put bathrooms in these smaller designs without sacrificing space. A tall order in and of itself.

If you’re in the market for a smaller, more portable, and more affordable truck camper, the pop-up option is an excellent place to start. The good news is, that you no longer have to think and go way outside the box for bathroom options. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Is A Truck Camper Right For You?

Whether or not a truck camper is right for you depends on, well, you. One thing is for certain, there’s no getting around the space limitation, so large family road trips are just out of the question. Truck campers are much better for single and couples occupancy.

Going on a hunting trip with your kid or a weekend adventure with your significant other are some primary examples of a truck camper being a highly attractive option. It’s probably not the best option for going off grid for weeks on end unless you are living alone.

While families are largely out of the question, the rest is entirely up to you and what you want in an RV. If you already own a travel trailer or motorhome, the addition of a truck camper is a great choice for weekend trips, when you really don’t want to drag out the monster RV.

Check out these used Truck Campers with Bathrooms. All are 2021 models.

8 Best Used Pop-Up Truck Campers with Bathrooms

Though pop-up truck campers are typically smaller than their hard-top cousins, they can expand to similar sizes, weigh less for better hauling capabilities, and are more affordable.

Now, with the addition of bathrooms, what’s stopping you from making one of these…

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