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7 Insider Tips For Your Iceland Road Trip

waterfall spilling over cliff into pool with cone shaped mountain behind it in Iceland

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Are you planning a trip to Iceland for the first time? It can be overwhelming planning a trip to Iceland. It’s possibly the most rugged, wild and remote places on this planet (aside from Antarctica, maybe) which can make planning a trip there feel daunting.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to stress out about it. Iceland promises to be the adventure of a lifetime, as long as you go in armed with our helpful tips for traveling to Iceland.

As Benjamin Franklin once said; Failure to prepare; means prepare to fail.

It’s not the kind of country you just rock up to and wing it. Doing this will make your adventures expensive, and you may miss out on some key activities and bucket list moments.

So before you visit Iceland, be sure to check out these tips to help you plan a memorable trip.

Tips For Traveling To Iceland

1. Book Your Car Rental In Advance

Iceland is one of the best locations in the world to go on a road trip adventure, especially with the stunning landscapes at every corner and the Ring Road around the island.

It’s also not the easiest place to explore when you don’t have a car. Sure, you can take day tours from Reykjavik or book a multi-day tour, but having your own car offers you more flexibility and the freedom to explore at your own pace.

You may also discover your own hidden gems and have more chances to stop to enjoy the country’s serene nature.

The earlier you book your rental car, the cheaper the prices. This is because car hires are in such high demand in Iceland, that if you wait until last minute, only the expensive cars will be left.

You may even want to consider booking a camper van, to save on accommodation.

We recommend using to find your car rental company. They browse all the rental companies in Iceland and find you the best price.

2. Be reasonable with your Iceland itinerary

Everywhere is tempting and with so many things to do in Iceland, you’ll want to see it all.

I get it!

However, unless you are very lucky, your time on the island is limited. So, when preparing your Iceland road trip itinerary remember the following:

  • Do not plan your Iceland road trip with the driving times indicated by Google maps. Not that they are wrong. It is just that they do not take into account that you will want to stop everywhere along the way.
  • Weather can change, fog can appear,…

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