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Floating Forest of Homebush Bay: The Majestic SS Ayrfield

Shipwrecks of Homebush Bay Sydney Australia

One of the primary reasons that abandoned structures are so captivating is that they give us an opportunity to watch nature reclaim spaces that humans once dominated. One of the world’s most fascinating abandoned spaces is a former military supply ship that is steadily rusting in Homebush Bay, just outside of Sydney, Australia. Originally constructed in England in 1911, the SS Ayrfield served as a supply ship for American troops stationed in the Pacific during World War II.

After being decommissioned in 1972, the SS Ayrfield was not dismantled, as many similar ships from the early 20th century were. Instead, the SS Ayrfield sat idle in Homebush Bay. Over time, a robust forest of mangrove trees began to thrive in the ship’s rusted interior. The SS Ayrfield’s explosion of lush trees became known as the Floating Forest. Today, visitors from around the world travel to Homebush Bay to view the dense forest inside the dilapidated SS Ayrfield.

The SS Ayrfield is surrounded by a few other steadily rusting decommissioned ships that are nearly a century old, but there is only one Floating Forest. Photographers and nature lovers enjoy visiting the Floating Forest at sunrise and sunset when the SS Ayrfield’s rusted exterior is accented by vibrant pink, gold, and orange skies that are reflected in Homebush Bay’s placid water.

Visitors are not allowed to board the SS Ayrfield, but there is plenty of nearby shoreline where onlookers can view and photograph the Floating Forest. The SS Ayrfield is a magnificent backdrop for a rugged picnic on the rocky shores of Homebush Bay.

It is incredible to consider that the Floating Forest came into being without any human intervention. The SS Ayrfield’s rusty, disintegrating exterior and lush greenery are proof that Mother Nature works fast and efficiently in the absence of human beings.

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