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Things to Do in Fukuoka, Japan

Things To Do In Fukuoka Japan

From surfing to robots to checking out an infamous red-light district, here is our list of awesome things to do in Fukuoka.  

Things To Do In Fukuoka Japan
Enjoy this list of the top things to do in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka is a port city, located right in the north of Kyushu island and incorporates the former city of Hakata Old Town.

The modern city of Fukuoka was formed in 1889, merging the former cities of Hakata Old Town and Fukuoka after the Boshin War of 1868.

Historically, the canal city Hakata Bay was the port and merchant district, known for the area’s culture and is still today the main commercial area.

Fukuoka, on the other hand, was home to many samurai.

A meeting was held when the cities decided to merge to agree on a new name for the city.

While the canal city Hakata was initially chosen, a group of samurai crashed the meeting and forced those present to choose Fukuoka as its name.

This is why Hakata is still used to refer to the Hakata Bay area of the city and the name of the city’s main train station is called Hakata Station.

Today, it is Japan’s sixth-largest city with 1.5 million residents and is filled with temples, shrines, castle ruins, beaches, islands, shopping and festivals.

This means of course that there is an awesome list of things to do in Fukuoka.

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The Best Things to Do in Fukuoka

The Fukuoka Prefecture is popularly known for two things: its food and its red-light district.

A little odd, right?

A city right on the bay with a booming nightlife, Fukuoka is visited by over 2 million foreigners annually.

While a red-light district may seem like the biggest draw, it isn’t.

Compared to some other famous districts around the world, Fukuoka’s is fairly subtle and tame and filled with other non-sex related nightlife options.

There are of course plenty of other Fukuoka activities in the water or on land for anyone to enjoy.

Here is our list of awesome things to do in Fukuoka.

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1) Visit the Red Light District

One of the best things to do in Fukuoka is to stroll through Nakasu in the evening and take in the fun vibe and neon lights reflecting off the canal.

Nakasu is one of the largest red-light districts in all of Japan and is situated between the Naka River and Hakata River.

The area is home to many restaurants, hostess bars, pink salons and other adult places.

Activities in Nakasu are not as overtly…

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