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15 Telltale Signs You’re a Travel Snob

Swimming with a stingray in Bora Bora

As someone who makes a living writing about travel, I recognize the immense privileges I have. I try not to take my opportunities for granted, nor hold other travelers up to the impossible standards set by being a travel writer. I’ve even promised myself and my best friends that if I ever become an honest-to-god travel snob, I’ll stop doing this work.

No one wants to be a travel snob, not really. Folks who catch the travel bug but won’t shut up about their fancy hotel or traveling abroad are the worst. Not everyone wants to listen to you yack nonstop about how many places you’ve been. As someone who gets awkward when people ask for travel stories, I have a radar for travel snobs.

Trust that travel snobbery is a one-way ticket to us not being friends anymore. When’s your next flight? Can I drive you to the airport?

You don’t need to eat gold foil-clad tiramisu to be a world traveler. It’s tasty for sure, just not a requirement. Nor is forcing yourself to stick to street food because “it’s what the locals do.”

So, are you concerned that you’re the travel snob in your group of friends? Read on! But know that if you’re already wondering, chances are you aren’t one.

Telltale Signs You’re a Travel Snob

1. You don’t listen to other people’s travel stories

Swimming with a stingray in Bora Bora
Brittney Liu / ViaTravelers

A big red flag for finding a travel snob is to see how often someone is trying to one-up other travelers’ stories. When talking to other people about traveling, a travel snob will repeatedly interrupt the story being told or wait for a moment to insert their experiences. Guess what, Magellan, your vacation isn’t any better than anyone else’s.

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2. Assuming you’re an expert on another culture

Me with a monkey on my shoulder in the ubud monkey forest in Bali, IndonesiaMe with a monkey on my shoulder in the ubud monkey forest in Bali, Indonesia
Brittney Liu / ViaTravelers

Experiencing new cultures is one of the most beautiful parts of travel. Not everyone will catch on to a new culture immediately, but only travel snobs will consider themselves experts on that foreign culture. Even if you live somewhere new and experience everyday life there, it doesn’t mean you are the monolith of that culture.

3. You judge people for not traveling for two weeks at a time

Amanda Finn with Salvadore Dali imageAmanda Finn with Salvadore Dali image
Amanda Finn / Via Travelers

Travel snobs love to make a big deal about how long other people visit other countries. They think that if people spend less than two weeks somewhere, they don’t really experience it.

That is part of travel…

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