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26 Amazing Things To Do In France in 2024

Top things to do in France

Trips to France are always special, regardless of which part of the country you’re visiting. Whether you’re heading to Paris for a few days or planning a road trip along the country’s southern coast, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to landmarks and tourist attractions. 

The best things to do in France range from partying in Saint Tropez to hiking in the footsteps of 18th-century customs officers for 2,000 kilometers. And there’s a myriad of things to do in between, including castles, art museums, volcanoes, and, of course, landmarks in Paris

No matter where you choose to stay or which places you decide to visit, you’ll always have access to some of the best food and wines in the world. It’s the country that produced the Michelin Guide, one of the most relevant authorities in the restaurant and travel industry. 

From the stunning Mont St. Michel in Normandy to the beaches of Côte d’Azur, here are all the best things to do in France! 

For a first-time visit to France, it’s best to stay in Paris. Focus on the top sights of the capital, which are numerous and spectacular, and make as many day trips as you can during your stay. 

Versailles, Bourges, Champagne, and even Normandy are all relatively close to Paris and can be visited on day trips either by car or public transport. 

Best of France Quick Guide

  • Must See: The Louvre, Palace of Versailles, Bourges Cathedral, Chateau de Chambord 
  • Where To Stay: Alcôve Hôtel (Nice), Hôtel La Maison Champs Elysées (Paris), Hôtel Mont-Blanc (Chamonix)
  • Fun To Do: Dune of Pilat, House and Gardens of Claude Monet, Skiing in Chamonix, Mont Saint Michel 
  • Day Trips: Bordeaux, French Riviera, Nimes
  • Must Try Foods: Coq au Vin, Ratatouille, Crepes, Pain au Chocolat

Best Things To Do In France

Fun things to do in France

With big cities, stunning beaches, and countless hiking trails, there’s plenty to do in the country for everyone. Want to spend your trip lounging on the beach and sipping cocktails? Head to the French Riviera in southern France for the most magical experience. 

Do you prefer hiking and outdoor adventure? That shouldn’t be a problem, considering that nearly a third of France is a forest with too many trails to count. You can even climb to the top of a volcano and stay in a village at the foot of the highest summit in the Alps. And for short city breaks, there’s hardly a better destination in Europe than Paris, the city of lights and love. 

1. Mont Saint Michel

Things To Do In France Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel…

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