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How to Plan Like a Pro

Road Map or Quebec and Ottawa and Passport

Welcome to the world of DIY Travel – who needs an agent when you’ve got the internet at your fingertips? It can be time-consuming to plan your trip, but it’s rewarding and ensures that your trip hits all of your expectations.

When you take the reins of planning your next upcoming trip, you’re in complete control. An abundance of itinerary templates are out there to help keep you on track, too.

Many programs and apps have two versions: the basic free package and a paid upgrade. If you travel often or are looking for specific features, springing for a paid version may be worth it. Personally, Google Drive works just fine for me!

You’ll have to spend quite some time deciding your destination, budget, what to pack, and what you want to see. You’ll also want to consider nitty-gritty travel details like restaurants, hotel addresses, flight numbers, attractions you want to visit, local transportation information, and emergency contacts.

Thanks to the internet, you can create DIY travel itineraries with just a few clicks. Many programs and apps offer travel itinerary templates at your disposal.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time adventurer, take advantage of the tools available for trip planning. Plenty of customizable templates are available to help you and keep everyone you’re traveling with on the same page.

Before embarking on your next adventure, have a paper copy of your trip itinerary since Wi-fi is not always guaranteed. A cheap zippered folder off Amazon is a great way to keep your travel plan in one place.

Imagine holding up the line at the airport because you can’t access your flight information…like I have. Get the folder. Avoid the hassle and embarrassment…like I suffered. Also, always leave some room for flexibility in case of unexpected changes.

Travel Planning in 2024 – Agent, or AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the travel world by storm. There are dozens of new tools to help you plan your travel, and DIY travel is becoming almost as fully-featured as using an agent. Sure, it will take a little bit of know-how and a certain comfort level with travel, but you can now use so many amazing new tools to help you plan your trip.

In certain cases, it may still be best to go with an agent. If you have a large group traveling, an agent may be best suited to help coordinate everyone’s travel plans. If want to experience something out of your comfort zone or a…

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