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Ker and Downey Shinde Camp Review

Hippos In The Okavango Delta Ker And Downey Shinde Camp Review

We spent a few nights on safari at the truly incredible, highly luxurious Shinde Concession by Ker and Downey, located in the heart of the Okavango Delta, Botswana. In our Shinde Camp review we dive into the entire experience, what it’s like staying here, what the wildlife safari encounters were like and help you decide whether it should have a place on your Africa bucket list.

It’s no secret that we love African safaris.

We really, really, love African safaris.

So during our two months travelling around southern African we made it our mission to go on as many safaris as possible.

From the popular Kruger in South Africa to the legendary Pangolin Photo Safaris in Chobe and the deserts of Etosha in Namibia, we sought out the best wildlife experiences imaginable, and had a blast doing it.

Whether it was sleeping rough in a basic tent in the Okavango Delta, sprawling out in a mid-range lodge in Zimbabwe’s Hwange or living it up in the prestigious tree houses of Jaci’s in Madikwe, we tried it all.

But as our time in Africa was winding down, we knew we wanted to go out with a bang.

So we booked a few nights in two different locations with Ker and Downey, one of Africa’s most exclusive safari operators, and lived it up in pure luxury with their all-inclusive packages.

Our first stop was Ker and Downey’s Shinde Camp in the heart of the Okavango Delta, Botswana, which left us utterly awestruck.

From the moment we arrived until the day we flew out on our own private propeller aircraft, this luxurious safari camp provided an unforgettable adventure that we will cherish forever.

A thunder of hippos at sunset in the Okavango Delta.

Ker and Downey Shinde Camp Review – The Ultimate Luxury Safari

In our Ker and Downey Shinde Camp review we dive into the entire experience, including how to get there, the accommodation, dining, landscape, wildlife safaris and activities, to show you exactly what it’s like.

Ready for an insight into one of the best Botswana luxury wildlife safaris imaginable? Let’s dive into it…

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Who is Ker and Downey?

Ker and Downey is a renowned name in the luxury travel industry, known for its commitment to providing exclusive and immersive safari experiences across…

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