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Smart money moves you need to make this 2024

Smart money moves you need to make this 2024

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Smart money moves you need to make this 2024

Managing Your Funds: 4 Smart Money Moves from Metrobank

The new year is a time to start over, with the hopes of bringing prosperity, success, and more wealth in the coming months. And as we welcome 2024, improving one’s finances is part of many Filipinos’ New Year’s resolutions. To help you achieve a more prosperous year, Metrobank shares four smart money moves that are easy to follow as you manage and grow your funds:

Smart money moves you need to make this 2024

1. Manage your money efficiently with online solutions

The first step to improving your finances is efficiently managing it. A good way to start is by moving your transactions online if you haven’t yet.

Metrobank provides clients with online solutions such as the Metrobank Online site and app and the electronic Statement of Account (e-SOA) to help them manage their funds quickly and efficiently.

The Bank encourages its clients to use the Metrobank App to monitor and manage their funds in real time. With the new app, you can see your account balance, withdraw cash even without an ATM card, send money via QR, link your credit card, and use it as the fund source for your financial transactions, or even convert your remaining credit card balance to instant cash. On top of all these, you can enjoy FREE InstaPay transfers for transactions of PHP 1,000 and below until June 30, 2024. This makes banking even more convenient – you can save a few pesos with waived transaction fees!

When you’re ready to experience smart, simple, and secure banking on the go, download the Metrobank App on the Apple App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android, or App Gallery for Huawei.

Metrobank also offers the e-SOA to its depositors to closely monitor their monthly deposit with just a few taps on their device. They simply need to log in at, using their Metrobank Online log-in details to view their monthly cashflow.

2. Use your credit card for big purchases (and rewards points!)

A credit card, when used responsibly, is a smart money tool that can help you manage your budget efficiently. It can also help you get awesome perks that you would not receive when you pay with cash and you should take advantage of them.

Credit cards have offers like installment payments at 0% interest rates that can give you some flexibility on paying for big purchases. Paying for your essentials via credit card is also much smarter…

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