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HONG KONG AIRPORT to CENTRAL by Bus & by Airport Express • Which is Better?

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The Hong Kong International Airport is located on an island, far and detached from the city center. So how do you get from the airport to Central easily? In this article, we’ll share wit you how to do that by train and by bus!

Hong Kong is composed of this peninsula and over 200 outlying islands. One of them — Chek Lap Kok Island — harbors the Hong Kong International Airport. It’s pretty detached from the city proper, which is on Hong Kong Island, 30-60 minutes away, depending on your mode of transportation and the traffic situation at the time.

Hong Kong’s Central district can refer to the area surrounding the Central Station or more broadly, the Central and Western District, which covers nearby Sheung Wan and Admiralty. But because of proximity and accessibility from here, the term is sometimes loosely used to include neighboring Wan Chai and even Causeway Bay.

Hong Kong Central MapHong Kong Central Map

All these areas are very modern and highly developed. But in between skyscrapers, you’ll find a diverse selection of lodging, dining, and shopping establishments, making it one of the most – if not THE most – ideal places to stay in all of Hong Kong.

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Anyway, the good news is, Central is directly connected to the airport both by bus and by train. Let’s take a look at the train first!



Hong Kong Airport ExpressHong Kong Airport Express

The Airport Express is the fastest and easiest way to reach Hong Kong Central. From the airport, all you need is to board this train to Hong Kong Station, and voila! You’ll be in Central in only 32 minutes!

1. Buy an Airport Express ticket.

The first thing you should do is buy an Airport Express ticket in advance. Although it is possible to buy at the station, tickets are much cheaper if you book online, especially on Klook. Take a look at this.

    One way: $115
    Round trip: $205
    One way: $99
    Round trip: $185

The first thing you’ll notice is, it’s cheaper to book round trip than two (2) one-way tickets. Also, you’ll also save as much as $20 if you purchase from Klook!

And as always, it can still get lower…

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