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PLDT introduces the next generation of Fiber, starts roll out of ultra-fast Gigabit Fiber plans

PLDT Speedboost

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PLDT introduces the next generation of Fiber, starts roll out of ultra-fast Gigabit Fiber plans

PLDT launches the fastest broadband plans in the country, 10x faster than any other plan available

PLDT Home is again breaking new ground in Philippine broadband with the launch of its ultra-fast Gigabit Fiber Plans, which will provide Filipinos with the fastest, most reliable internet available today.

Prior to this, PLDT Home was also the first to introduce the then-unprecedented speeds of up to 1 Gbps, giving Filipinos a glimpse of the wonders of the Gigabit Era of the internet. With the new Gigabit Fiber Plans, Filipinos will now have access to internet speeds of up to an astounding 10 Gbps.

PLDT Speedboost

“We are proud to usher the Filipino into the Gigabit Era,” said Jeremiah de la Cruz, Senior Vice-President and Head of Consumer Business Home. “Our commitment is to be at the forefront of digital innovations, blazing the trail to give our countrymen the technologies which will open doors to meaningful opportunities that will make their lives better. We exemplify that today by pioneering the next generation of Fiber which allows PLDT Home to deliver Gigabit-speeds straight to the Home.”

Superior speeds and more for the Filipino

PLDT Home’s Gigabit Fiber comes in four different plans: 1 Gbps, 2.5 Gbps, 5 Gbps, and a maximum of 10 Gbps. These mind-blowing speeds enable simultaneous ultra-fast and high bandwidth online activities for everyone at home.

In addition to the ultra-fast speeds provided by PLDT Home’s Gigabit Fiber plans, customers also get to round out their fully digital lifestyle as each Gigabit Fiber plan comes with a Gigabit modem complemented with a whole home WiFi 6 mesh system, subscriptions to IPTV and global streaming apps, and security services for personal devices at home.

The plans don’t just give them an unmatched digital experience—they also get to enjoy exclusive VIP treatment like no other. Gigabit Fiber plan subscribers receive exclusive perks such as premium welcome kits and access to PLDT Home exclusive events and venues.

What is Gigabit speed?

Gigabit speed is the next generation of Fiber high-speed internet, pushing limits to at least 100 times faster than today’s average internet connections of 100 Mbps at home.

The Gigabit unit of measurement refers to the data transfer speed of the connection. Current plans only transmit hundreds of megabits per second which, while fast, are easily…

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