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How To Travel Like A Pro in 2024

Hiking Austrian Alps How To Travel Like A Pro

You don’t travel the world for 15 years without picking up a few tips along the way – here’s how to travel like a pro!

Hiking Austrian Alps How To Travel Like A Pro

Once upon a time, we had never travelled or backpacked around the world before. Alesha and I were fresh out of our teens, and the idea of exploring the globe was intimidating, yet intriguing.

We dreamed of leaving our comfort zone, but were nervous about the mistakes we would make along the way.

Then one day we made the decision to leave our homes, alone (this was years before we had actually met), and step out into the big, scary world.

We had no idea what to expect, how to travel, which scams to watch out for, who to talk to or how to make plans. We were complete beginners, but still we didn’t let that stop us.

We spent hours reading travel quotes, getting inspired and dreaming about what life changing experiences lay out there.

So individually, we booked our plane tickets, picked a destination, landed in a foreign country and set about making mistake after mistake.

And we loved it!

8 years later, we are still on the road, and a lot wiser than we were in the beginning. We still make the odd mistake, but we consider ourselves to be professional travellers now.

Drop us in almost any city in the world, and we will be able to sort ourselves out. But it took a long time to build up this experience.

So now we want to teach you how to travel like a pro. Our goal is to pass on some of the most useful bits of information that can help you hit the road and make far less mistakes than we did.

Not everything can be taught in a blog post – some things can only be learnt by stumbling your way around and following your instinct. But hopefully this article will help the beginner traveller learn how to travel like a pro!

Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Border How To Travel Like A ProKazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Border How To Travel Like A Pro
Hanging out at the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Buy Travel Insurance

A wise man once said that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. Based on our own personal experiences, and that of our friends, we agree 100%.

Travel insurance is more than just covering your personal belongings if they get stolen. It’s about looking after you if you get sick or injured during your trip or need to return home due to a family emergency.

Medical costs in foreign countries can quickly rise to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes, really. Our friend broke his leg in Canada while rock climbing and needed surgery. Total bill: $150’000.

The worst attitude you can have is to wander the world…

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