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The 5 Best Music Festivals In Albania To Experience This Summer

The 5 Best Music Festivals In Albania To Experience This Summer

Searching for the biggest and best music festivals in Albania? You’ve landed in the right place. I’ve compiled the ultimate list of Albanian music festivals to add to your summer festival bucket list. 

Albania is rapidly become the go-to destination for a world-class European vacation experience. Long overlooked for its stunning natural landscapes, crashing coastline, pristine beaches and exciting cities, Albania is finally coming into its own. 

The country, tucked in Europe’s southwest and with an idyllic location on the Balkan Peninsula, is thrilling visitors, who leave saying “why haven’t I been here before?!” and “I can’t wait to go back!”

Sure, Albania is the place to be for epic sun, surf, culture, architecture, locals and an all-round unique experience, but one of the best reasons to visit Albania this year is for its music festivals! Music festivals are drawing in visitors from all over the world, and when you see the happening cities, charming towns and jaw dropping coastal landscapes that are now music festival Meccas – you’ll understand why. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into my list of the best Albania music festivals that absolutely must be on your 2024 music festival schedule. 

1) Unum Festival

When: June 6-11, 2024 

Where: Rana e Hedhun, Shëngjin, Albanian Riviera, Albania

Unum Festival is characterized by five simple elements of life; music, sand, pines, the sea and the mountains. The golden beach of Rana e Hedhur is the place where the festival will host 60+ international and local acts over the course of 5 days and 6 nights. 

“Boutique and music-centric house and techno gathering UNUM returns to the blissful Albanian Riviera from June 6-11th, 2024. Altin Bosh, Anfisa Letyago, Arapu, Cabanne, Christian AB, DJ Reas, Varhat (Live), John Dimas, Korolova, Maher Daniel, Manu Gonzalez, Praslea, Priku, Raresh, Rhadoo, Sonja Moonear and many more headline.”

2) Kala Festival 

When: June 5-12, 2024

Where: Dhërmi, Albanian Riviera, Albania

“Kala is a boutique music festival that takes place in Dhërmi, a stunning beach location on the Albanian Riviera. The festival experience has been carefully curated to offer a dreamy combination of music festival and beach holiday.

Kala has all the ingredients for the perfect summer plan: beautiful beaches, excellent music and a stunning festival…

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