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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Sary Mogol, Kyrgyzstan (2024)

Sary Mogol Travel Guide

Everything you need to know about visiting Sary Mogol, Kyrgyzstan. The things to do, where to stay, how to get there and travel tips!

The very first time I travelled to Sary Mogol, Jarryd and I were on our way to explore the fascinating Pamir Highway in 2015.

We knew nothing about this dusty town, but other travellers had told us it was worth a stop.

We built it into our itinerary, and we quickly fell in love with its curious and quaint character.

Fast forward to 2019 and I returned, but for a different reason. Rather than breezing through on the way to Tajikistan, I was in town to test out new tourism products and dive deeper into just exactly what there is to see and things do in Sary Mogol.

Turns out a lot has changed since our first visit, and for the better!

Years ago Sary Mogol was just a launching point for further adventures. A place to spend one night when coming or going to Tajikistan or China, or somewhere to use as a base for trekking towards Peak Lenin.

Today there are a bunch of interesting experiences that help tourists dive into the local culture.

From wedding demonstrations to beekeeping, horse trekking to felt workshops, along with new high-quality guesthouses, Sary Mogol is now a tourist destination in its own right.

I don’t think anybody should miss this town when travelling to southern Kyrgyzstan, which is why I’ve put together this Sary Mogol travel guide.

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Sary Mogol Travel Guide
Views in Sary Mogol, Kyrgyzstan.

Sary Mogol is also spelt Sary Mogul, or Sary Moghul, and in Cyrillic it is Сары-Могол.

I spent three nights here after completing the Truly Nomadic Trek in the Alay Mountains to put together this comprehensive Sary Mogol travel guide.

If you’re planning on travelling around southern Kyrgyzstan and want somewhere to spend a few days, I can definitely recommend Sary Mogol.

The Best Things to Do in Sary Mogol and Surrounding Towns

The first thing I want to dive right into is all the great things to do in Sary Mogol.

For a small town that most people either skip or just spend one night, there’s a surprisingly decent amount of activities and attractions here.

If you’re wondering what to do in Sary Mogol, and the areas surrounding town, let our list point you in the right direction.

Note: For most of these activities you’ll need to book ahead by getting in touch with our friend Talant at Visit Alay, or the guys at CBT Sary Mogol.

1) Hiking Around Peak Lenin


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