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The 8 BEST Things to Do in Berlin, Germany (2024 Edition)

Cathedral 8 Awesome Things To Do In Berlin

Don’t miss this list of the absolute best things to do in Berlin to get the most out of you next trip.

From the moment we arrived in Berlin, we knew we were going to love it.

Powerful street art, cranking bars, deep history and world class museum. We were spoilt for choice on what to do in Berlin!

Berlin is one of the most energetic and alternative cities in all of Europe. The German city welcomes almost 30 million tourists every year.

Its tragic history is well known, and memorials and important relics are found on almost every street corner. Rather than hide behind the past Germany has put a focus on it. The country actively encourages people to think about the events that occurred and not make the same mistakes.

But today Berlin is a different place.

Over the last few decades this cosmopolitan city has bounced back from oppression to grow into a modern, Bohemian metropolis.

It is now known for its bustling street markets, unique nightlife, fascinating art and music scene and captivating urban exploration.

Cathedral 8 Awesome Things To Do In Berlin
The Berlin Cathedral on Museum Island.

8 Awesome Things to Do in Berlin

While exploring remnants of the past don’t forget to delve deep into the other things to see in Berlin.

After two visits to our favourite European city we’ve compiled this list of 8 awesome things to do in Berlin!

Hot Tip – If you are in the city for a few days the absolute best way to get around is to purchase a Berlin Welcome Card, which gives you unlimited use on public transport and special deals all over the city for things like museum visits and walking tours. This makes exploring all the things to in Berlin an absolute breeze!

Brandenburg Gate 8 Awesome Things To Do In BerlinBrandenburg Gate 8 Awesome Things To Do In Berlin
Brandenburg Gate.

Go On A Street Art Tour

Having such a fascinating and turbulent political and economic environment has resulted in Berlin becoming a hotbed for artists looking to express themselves.

The East Side Gallery on the Berlin Wall is perhaps the most iconic and famous stretch of street art in the entire city. But if you dig deeper you will find some fascinating insights into street art in Berlin.

While many of the larger pieces, such as the Astronaut by Victor Ash, are already known around the world, it is the less famous spots that will capture your attention.

Did you know that street artists operate on a “points system”? Or what the different levels of art mean? What is it called when someone graffitis from the top of a building?

You’ll find out on one of these tours!

The best way to learn about graffiti is to go…

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