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What to Pack for Germany: 25 Essential Items

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“PROST!” – There’s no greater sound than hefeweizen glasses clinking after a long day exploring Germany. However, there’s a lot of packing effort to get to this point.

As an American who spends several weeks at a time in Germany a year, I’ve learned quite a lot about what to pack for Germany. This guide breaks down everything you need to know, from the best luggage to what to pack for Oktoberfest.

Item Reason
Weather-appropriate clothing Germany’s weather varies significantly by season
Rain gear It can be rainy, especially in the north
Comfortable walking shoes There’s a lot of beautiful places to walk and hike
Power adapter Germany uses type F plug sockets
Phrasebook or translation app While many Germans speak English, it can be beneficial to know some basic German phrases

A Note on Packing for Germany

Dresden Mural
Cait Kontalis / ViaTravelers

How exactly you pack for your specific trip to Germany will depend on your interests and planned activities. Chilly Berlin temperatures you’ll endure when visiting the Christmas markets require different considerations than the summer months spent hiking the Alps.

And trust me: when Germany gets hot, it’s roasting. When it gets cold, it’s frigid.

Use this guide as a starting point for a few items you’ll want to use as your packing list base. For example, if you’re going to Lake Eibsee in July, pack your flip-flops. If you plan on hitting the slopes in Garmisch-Partenkirchen pack your thermal layers.

Germany is a pretty big country. Look at your itinerary on Google Maps and consider the varying elevations, seasons, and climates you’ll encounter on your next trip to Germany.

So, here’s the ultimate packing list of the best travel essentials you may want to consider packing. Whether you’re planning a week trip in summer, a spring fling in the Black Forest, a winter retreat for the holidays, or exploring the biergartens of Munich during Oktoberfest, this will help you get started.

No matter the time of year, the length of your stay, or your destination — make sure you bring your camera!

Luggage Essentials

Marienplatz, MunichMarienplatz, Munich
Cait Kontalis / ViaTravelers

Before thinking about what to wear in Germany, you need to know what you will put your runway looks in. Below, we’ll discuss the essential luggage items you need to house everything on your packing list for Germany.

1. Carry-On Suitcase

Carry-On Suitcase in Color WaveCarry-On Suitcase in Color Wave
Away / Away

First things first: you need a suitcase….

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