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Aeroplan Implements Changes to Terms and Conditions

Upcoming Changes to Aeroplan's Terms & Conditions

Last fall, Aeroplan informed members that it would be implementing some changes to the program’s terms and conditions.

The changes took effect as of February 5, 2024, and they address some of the issues surrounding misuse, as well as eligibility for co-branded credit card welcome bonuses, amongst other issues.

As a reminder, here’s a summary of the changes that have recently taken effect, which aren’t likely to affect the vast majority of members.

Recent Changes to Aeroplan Terms and Conditions

Last fall, Aeroplan informed members of upcoming changes to the program’s terms and conditions, which took effect as of February 5, 2024.

This latest update comes just over a year since the last round, which saw the implementation of limits surrounding credit card welcome bonuses and prohibited activities, amongst other changes.

In an email sent out to members, Aeroplan provided a summary of revisions, and then linked out to the updated set of terms and conditions.

The first change makes clear that all members are only permitted to have one Aeroplan account.

We have clarified some terms with respect to Aeroplan Accounts, including that attempts to register more than one account using different email addresses or other identification methods are prohibited.

This revision applies to Section 2, which pertains to enrolment in the Aeroplan program. 

You can only enroll in the Aeroplan Program once, individually, using your full legal name exactly as it appears on your passport or if you don’t have a passport, on a government-issued identification. Each Member may only have one Account.  Any attempt by an individual to register more than one Account by using the same or multiple different email addresses, identities, registrations, logins, or any other method(s), may void all Aeroplan Points that have been awarded or scheduled to be awarded to that Member, and that Member maybe disqualified from participating in the Aeroplan Program or any aspect thereof.

This revision targets anyone who opens multiple Aeroplan accounts. If you’re found to have multiple accounts, Aeroplan reserves the right to void all points in your account(s), and to disqualify you from participating in the loyalty program going forward. 

Family Sharing is addressed in the next revision, and the changes are summarized as follows:

We have clarified that a member may be eligible to create or join a Family Pool and…

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