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Is Ecuador Safe To Visit in 2024 – Travel Warnings and Safety Tips

is ecuador safe to visit for tourists dave and deb

We arrived in Ecuador a week after President Daniel Noboa declared a state of Emergency. As I write this article today about the safety situation in Ecuador, I have traveled from Quito to the Galapagos, up to the volcano, and into small villages. I am currently exploring the Mashpi Jungle’s cloud forest at Mashpi Lodge. I have felt safe and welcomed during our two weeks in Ecuador. However, I understand many people wonder if it is safe to travel to Ecuador. We will answer the burning question that everyone is asking, drawing from our first-hand experiences in the country. So, Is Ecuador Safe?

Is Ecuador Safe to Visit for Tourists?

On January 8, 2024, President Daniel Noboa enacted a nationwide state of emergency. It is in place until March 8, 2024. 

Ecuador has seen violence escalate thanks to being located between Colombia and Peru, which are two of the top cocaine producers in the world. Once known as an “island of peace,” sadly, Ecuador’s location in the world has caused increased crime. However, if tourists take the appropriate precautions and avoid the high crime zones, they can have a wonderful experience in Ecuador.

Most of Ecuador’s travel advisories are outside the usual tourist path. Due to travel advisories, tourists should avoid some coastal regions and larger cities like Guayaquil, but these spots are also usually off the beaten path for most tourists.

Many travelers ask, “Is Ecuador safe?” The answer is yes, yet some areas should be avoided and others require extra vigilance. In this article, we will dissect current safety data, delve into regional concerns, and offer practical tips for safeguarding your journey in Ecuador—helping you to understand where, when, and how to travel safely.

Short Summary

  • The State of Emergency in Ecuador – What you Need to know.
  • Ecuador is generally safe for travelers, but take necessary precautions and take government website travel alerts into consideration.
  • Follow safety tips like avoiding walking alone at night and sticking to well-known establishments, and tourist destinations.
  • Familiarize yourself with local laws, use reputable transportation services, and opt for filtered water when traveling in Ecuador.

the State of Emergency in Ecuador

Currently, Ecuador remains under an official state of emergency until March 2024, after the president cracked down on local gangs and cartel leaders in its prisons. The violence began after gang leader José Adolfo (Fito) Macías Villamar…

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