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Ultimate Florida Keys Packing List + What to Wear in Key West

An outdoor restaurant in the Florida Keys, people sitting out o the deck.

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Wondering what to pack for the Florida Keys? My ultimate Florida Keys packing list will show you everything you need to bring!

I love visiting the Florida Keys, and I think they’re one of the best vacation spots in the United States. Whether you’re looking for a warm-weather winter escape or some of the best festivals on the planet, you’re going to love the Keys!

You can absolutely pack light for your trip here — this is a place where you can get by in cut-offs and tank tops, and a carry-on bag has plenty of room for all you need.

This guide has sections on Weather in the Florida Keys, Essential Items to Pack, What to Wear in Key West (and the Florida Keys), and the full Florida Keys packing list — plus a few things you don’t need to pack!

Let’s dive on in.

This post was published in February 2024.

You can eat outdoors year-round in the Florida Keys!

Weather in the Florida Keys: What to Expect

The Florida Keys are hot, right? Nestled between Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the Florida Keys have a tropical climate and are among the warmest places in the continental US. Key West tends to be warmest.

You can have a good time here year-round, but the time of year does make a difference:

In the winter (December, January, February), average temperatures in Key West have a low of 64-67 F (18-19 C) and a high of 74-76 F (24 C).

In the spring (March, April, May), average temperatures in Key West have a low of 68-76 F (20-24 C) and a high of 78-85 F (26-29 C).

In the summer (June, July, August, September), average temperatures in Key West have a low of 79-80 F (26-27 C) and a high of 88-89 f (31-32 C).

In the fall (October, November), average temperatures in Key West have a low of 72-76 F (22-24 C) and a high of 80-85 F (27-29 F).

Key West tends to have low rainfall from November through May, and higher rainfall from June through October. You should know that hurricane season falls between June and November, with tropical storms and hurricanes peaking in September and October.

I recommend avoiding the Keys during September and October, and if you end up in a severe storm, listen to local authorities and do as they say.

Rain storms in Florida tend to be brief and intense. I recommend bringing an umbrella at the very least; you may also appreciate having a rain jacket. They belong on any Florida…

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