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Where to Eat in MACAU • Top 5 Restaurants for Any Budget (From Street Food to Luxurious!)

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Macau has a vibrant food culture and restaurant scene. But what are Macau’s top dishes? Where to eat exactly? What restaurants can fit your budget? In this article, we’ll share with you some of our food recommendations and restaurant reviews!

If you’re a long-time The Poor Traveler follower, you’ve probably noticed that although we have been travel blogging for the past 14 years, we have never tackled the food scene in Macau. Even our previous Macau Travel Guides lacked a “Where to Eat” section, something that is a staple in all the other guides.

There’s a very simple explanation for it. When we’re in Macau, our itinerary is so packed that we don’t pay much attention to where we would be eating. Often, we’d just pick a food place that is closest to where we were. Thus, on our most recent trip, we were so excited to finally have a taste of Macau’s gastronomy and gain a much deeper appreciation of it. We weren’t alone this time around. We were led by our new friend Ken, a Macau local who works for the Macau Government Tourism Office. Needless to say, along with delicious food, he fed us with lots of insightful insider tips.


Taipa Food Street

Budget level: Affordable
Best for: Street food raiders

The first entry on this list isn’t a specific restaurant but a cluster of food kiosks along Macau’s go-to foodie alley, Taipa Food Street (Rua do Cunha)!

Taipa Food StreetTaipa Food Street

Located at the heart of Taipa Village, it is easily accessible from Cotai Strip. From The Venetian Macau Resort, it should take around 20 minutes on foot. But don’t worry, much of the walking trail is covered and equipped with travelators, too. But what’s so special about this place?

Taipa Food Street is flanked with food stalls, cafes, and restaurants –- some with Michelin distinctions — serving a wide range of Macau favorites, including those that are rooted in Chinese, those heavily influenced by the Portuguese, and those that mix these two traditions. In other words, it can give you a small taste of Macau’s two worlds.

Much of the street food here is prepared on the spot, ensuring freshness and quality. Many of them are relatively inexpensive. I’m saying “relatively” because for us, Filipinos or Southeast Asians, they are still pretty steep, but within the Macau and Hong Kong context, these can be considered affordable.

Café Vong Kei Taipa VillageCafé Vong Kei Taipa Village

If you’re coming from the side of The Venetian, the first that will greet you is a home-grown…

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