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IHG One Rewards Milestone Rewards: Extra Perks Every 10 Nights

IHG One Rewards Milestone Rewards: Extra Perks Every 10 Nights

The IHG One Rewards program offers benefits to members with elite status by providing incremental perks when staying at IHG hotels.

In addition to elite status, IHG One Rewards offers Milestone Rewards, which allow members the chance to choose additional perks once they’ve earned enough qualifying nights.

In this guide, we’ll look at IHG One Rewards Milestone Rewards, including what you need to earn to hit each milestone, and what reward you should choose when you do.

What Are IHG One Rewards Milestone Rewards?

IHG One Rewards Milestone Rewards are extra perks given to members as they cross thresholds of nights stayed each year.

For every 10 qualifying nights you stay at an IHG property in a calendar year, starting after you’ve stayed 20 nights and ending at 100 nights, you’ll get to choose one or two Milestone Reward benefits.

Starting at 20 nights, you’ll receive Milestone Rewards that you can use at the ANA Crowne Plaza Sapporo

Milestone Rewards are earned alongside elite status, and they provide an incentive to members to keep staying at IHG hotels even if they won’t hit the next elite status tier, or if they already hold top-tier Diamond Elite status.

As a reminder, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Elite status can be reached after earning 10, 20, 40, and 70 qualifying nights, respectively.

Since Milestone Rewards are earned at each increment of 10 nights stayed, they fill in the gaps between the various elite status levels.

For example, if you’ve earned 20 qualifying nights and reached IHG One Rewards Gold Elite status, but you don’t think 40 nights and Platinum Elite status is within reach, you’ll still be rewarded with a Milestone Reward if you’re able to reach 30 qualifying nights.

What’s more, IHG One Rewards members who’ve earned status through credit cards or by earning qualifying points can pick up extra IHG points and other benefits with Milestone Rewards when they hit the qualifying night thresholds.

What Can You Earn with IHG One Rewards Milestone Rewards?

There are nine Milestone Rewards levels, and although six of them are identical, each one requires you to make a choice.

Once you reach a specific Milestone Reward threshold, you’ll have 90 days to select your rewards. Failing to do so will result in losing the Milestone Reward benefit.

Once chosen, Milestone Rewards can’t be transferred or gifted to another IHG member,…

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