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The BEST Yukon Road Trip Itinerary

Yukon Road Trip Golden Circle Route

Everything you need to know to complete one of the best Yukon road trip itineraries in Canada – the Golden Circle Route.

Known for its vast expanse of jagged mountain range peaks, snowy icefields, turquoise lakes and Arctic tundra, the Yukon Territory in Canada’s far north is the kind of off-the-beaten-path destination that you come to once, and never want to leave.

While most travellers head to more popular places like Banff in the Rockies, those with a sense of adventure will seek out the country’s more remote frontiers, and this is where the Yukon shines brightly.

From more well-known places like Dawson City, Kluane National Park and the Alaska Highway to lesser-known adventures following the Klondike gold rush settlements along the Yukon River or the Dempster Highway to the top of the world, there is nothing like a Yukon road trip!

Whether it is for a week or a month, the freedom of having your own vehicle in such a wild place will ensure you have a plethora of amazing views and intrepid experiences all to yourself.

With a limited amount of time though it can be tough to narrow down the perfect itinerary that will encompass all that the Yukon has to offer.

We had only 7 days of driving in the Yukon to find the perfect route, and today we want to share it with you so you can add this road trip to your bucket list!

Yukon Road Trip Golden Circle Route

The Golden Circle Route Yukon Road Trip

The Cabot Trail. The Icefields Parkway. The Golden Circle Route. The Dempster Highway. The Alaska Highway. The Klondike Highway.

These are just some of Canada’s best road trips, and while the first two are deservedly popular, and which we have had the pleasure of driving when we lived in the country, it’s the third one that truly left us humbled.

Circling the far south of the territory, and crossing briefly into British Columbia and Alaska, this journey incorporates some of the legendary highlights the Yukon is famous for.

Conducted as a loop starting in Whitehorse, this trip is perfect for travellers of all ages and styles, from family vacationers to grey nomads, adventurous couples and groups of friends.

There are other great options in the territory, such as the Dempster Highway and Top of the World, taking the highway to Dawson City and bouncing along gravel roads and chasing the midnight sun.

But if you’re looking for the best Yukon road trip itinerary, this is the one for you.

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