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How To Build a Remote Freedom Business (Our Path if We Started Again in 2024)

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I still remember when we first started trying to figure out how to earn enough money to keep us on the road.

All we wanted at that time was enough to cover our travel expenses so that we could keep on exploring the world without running out of money.

We thought:

“If we could just earn $1,500 CAD per month, we’d have enough to travel and live on the road forever.”

Best Travel Backpack
The good ol’ backpacking days 😂

At that time, that was an enormous feat.

There weren’t thousands of travel bloggers and influencers online back then posting about how they earned millions of dollars while traveling the world.

We knew of one guy who made $3,000 per month from his travel blog – he was our idol.

These days the opportunities are endless.

There’s free accommodation, online job boards that will guarantee you work, and the unbelievable opportunity of running your own website & online brand.

It’s a different time.

I’m not saying that it’s easy to earn enough to cover your travel expenses.

There wasn’t a “get rich quick” way to go fully remote back when we started in 2012, and there isn’t one now.

But what I can tell you is that it’s never been easier to change your life as it is in 2024.

If you want to pick up and go, long term, without having to save up tens of thousands of dollars, and without having to worry about running out of money… you can do it.

You will need to work and commit. But you can do it.

Forget the nay-sayers who tell you that this life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The ones who say you’ll end up spending all your time on your computer rather than traveling.

Those who tell you that you can never build a successful blog or online business anymore because everyone’s doing it.

This is all 100% false.

We’ve done it 4 times and we’ll probably do it 4 more.

This freedom-filled lifestyle is better than anyone could explain to you in a 3,000-word blog post.

No matter how positively I talk about building a remote lifestyle business, believe me when I say that I always feel like I’m severely under-selling it.

Compared to my past life, or any other life I could conjure, this traveling, creative, entrepreneurial life is as good as it gets.

We get to have an impact by helping others. We get to share our stories. We get to be creative every day. All while traveling and living abroad full-time.

If this remote life is something that…

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