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What to Wear in MACAU • What to Pack & Best Time to Visit

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Flying to Macau soon? If so, you’re probably wondering: What’s the weather going to be like in summer, spring, winter or fall? How hot or cold would it be? What clothes should you pack and wear? And most importantly, when is the best time to visit? In this article, we’ll answer all these questions!

Macau is situated just below the Tropic of Cancer. Despite that, it enjoys a humid subtropical climate, similar to neighboring Hong Kong and Southern China. It goes through a four-season cycle, but summer and winter are much longer. Spring and autumn and their interchange periods are very brief.

  • Summer: May – September
  • Autumn: October-November
  • Winter: December-February
  • Spring: March-April

Note that the May to October is also the typhoon season, but it doesn’t mean that it’d going to be stormy every single day.



Winter in Macau is from December to February. As someone who spent most of my life in the tropics, I prefer traveling to Macau in the winter season. These are the driest months, so rain showers are unlikely.

It can get really cold at times, but don’t expect to see snowfall.

  • Winter Mean Daily Temperature:
    15.2 – 16.9 °C
    59.4 – 62.4 °F

I really like Macanese winter. In general, you can get away with just a hoodie and jeans in December or sweater and thicker jackets or coat in January and February. But I never really had to wear thermal innerwear or gloves.

However, due to climate change, it can still get tricky at times. Our most recent trip coincided with a so-called “freak week” because it was so cold, it felt freezing. Even the locals were so perplexed by it.

By the way, Macau is not crowded in winter. The only exception is the period surrounding the Chinese New Year, which draws throngs of tourists from Hong Kong, mainland China, and other Asian countries.

Macau in January

Here are some photos of Macau taken in January, the coldest month in Macau. Check out what people are wearing to give you an idea on what to pack for your trip.

Macau Winter What to Wear WomenMacau Winter What to Wear Women

What to Wear in Macau in WinterWhat to Wear in Macau in Winter

What to Wear in Macau in JanuaryWhat to Wear in Macau in January

Hawker Hawker Macau StaffHawker Hawker Macau Staff

Macau Ama Temple WinterMacau Ama Temple Winter

Macau in WinterMacau in Winter

Macau in JanuaryMacau in January

Macau Winter ClothesMacau Winter Clothes

Macau in February

Here are some pics from a February Macau trip. It’s still pretty chilly but not as cold as January.

Macau in FebruaryMacau in February

Macau in February What to WearMacau in February What to Wear

Macau MuseumMacau Museum

What to Wear in Macau in FebruaryWhat to Wear in Macau in February


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