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10 Best Cities in Croatia for Digital Nomads

split croatia

In January 2021, Croatia launched its digital nomad visa, opening the doors for remote workers to spend longer in this beautiful country. It’s no surprise that the digital nomad community rejoiced; I certainly did. You see, Croatia is stunning, and there are so many experiences to enjoy; it’s no wonder so many people are researching the best cities in Croatia for digital nomads.

As a remote worker in Croatia, you’ll be spoiled for choice every single day. Amazing food, friendly locals, stunning natural sights, and plenty of history. Oh, and the beaches – do not forget about the beaches. It’s also a pretty affordable location compared to many other European cities, with great coworking opportunities.

I spent several months living in Croatia, mainly Split, Dubrovnik, and Korčula, but I moved around a fair amount. From my amazing experiences, I’m pretty well-placed to advise you on the best spots to head to as a digital nomad. I can tell you now that there really isn’t a bad choice to be made here, it’s more about the area that calls out to you most.

Best Cities in Croatia for Digital Nomads

When you first look at a map of Croatia, you’re going to find yourself in a dilemma—there are so many places to choose from; but as I’ve mentioned, the good news is that none of them are a bad idea. Let’s explore ten of the best cities in Croatia where digital nomads have it made.

1. Split

split croatia

Without a doubt, Split is one of the best cities in Croatia for digital nomads; you won’t struggle to meet other like-minded people here. The beaches are stunning, and the general vibe around the city is somehow chilled-out but vibrant at the same time. It’s not lacking in history and culture either: walking through Diocletian’s Palace every day is quite something.

I found the city to be pretty affordable but you do need to think about staying outside the central reaches. There are several great quality coworking spaces and plenty of cafes to spend your working days. I particularly enjoyed Smartspace as a spot for working and collaborating, with affordable passes and a comfortable environment.

Nightlife in Split is a combination of laid-back and vibrant, so no matter what kind of evening you’re after, you’ll be sure to find it. Internet in Split is also high quality (average download speed of 71.18 Mbps and upload speed of 19.62 Mbps according to Speedtest) so it’s easy to keep productivity high.


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