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7 of the best places to cruise in Italy in 2024

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Few countries can compete with Italy’s tourist appeal. Anyone who visits can enjoy fantastic cities, quaint villages, a string of picture-perfect coastlines, amazing cuisine and a fascinating history.

Alhough skiing, city breaks or a trip to one of the Italian lakes all have their own merits, there is a way to get a taste of several different parts of the country in one whirlwind trip.

Cruises around the Bel Paese give passengers the opportunity to see Italy’s full range of sights. You can start with the romance of Venice and wind around to the rugged island beauty of Sicily and Sardinia, or begin surrounded by the stark coastal beauty of the Cinque Terre and end in hectic, characterful Naples, via the enchanting capital of Rome.

Whether you just want to see one destination or a handful, there’s likely a cruise to suit you; we’ve rounded up some of the best below.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a Unesco World Heritage site

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The Amalfi Coast contains a little bit of everything that has made Italy so famous: beautiful coastlines, golden sands, picturesque towns, ancient historic sites and a hearty slice of la dolce vita.

The main towns along this coast include Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano, each renowned for offering a taste of the highlife in often luxurious surroundings, whether that be laid-back beaches or grandiose hotels. Pompeii lies close to these towns, offering an incredible insight into a famous bit of world history, while driving part of the Amalfi Coast’s winding roads is the best way to get amazing views while taking in some delightful towns.

How to do it

See both Sicily and the Amalfi Coast with the ‘Amalfi & Sicily’ seven-night package offered by Star Clippers. It starts in Civitavecchia, taking you to Amalfi and Sorrento before moving on to Messina and circling back to Rome.

Prices from £3,629pp including seven nights’ accommodation, all meals and drinks and select entertainment. Departing 6 July 2024.

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The Italian capital is a popular place to begin and end cruises

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The capital is a beautiful fusion of historic and contemporary Italian life, from the modern cuisine and nightlife of Monti to the old houses and trattorias of Trastevere or Parione.

The Eternal City is also Europe’s most landmark-filled…

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