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Is Mexico City Safe To Visit in 2024? Travel Warnings And Safety Tips

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit City Center

It’s impossible not to love the sheer scale of Mexico City. The Mexican capital is one of the world’s largest cities. It’s a place of dense population, street food, architecture, and fascinating community dynamics. If you want to experience Mexico as a tourist, head to Cancun. If you want to experience Mexico as a society, head to Mexico City. The history is astounding, with day trips to the Teotihuacan Pyramids and countless museums like Chapultepec Castle in the city center. There’s no doubt about it: Mexico City is an incredible destination for passionate travelers.

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit?

However, many people ask, “Is Mexico City safe?” How do you go about staying safe in Mexico City? As the largest city in Mexico, it’s no wonder people worry about safety levels. Mexico City is a big city, and like all big cities you must take standard precautions to avoid petty theft and crime. But it also has some specific crime rates to note, so it pays to research first before visiting Mexico City.

Staying safe in Mexico City doesn’t have to be something to worry about. In this guide, we’ll give you the rundown on the question of ‘Is Mexico City safe?’ but also guidance on how to make it a safer experience. Statistics speak for themselves, but there’s a lot within your control. Get ready to take a more proactive approach to staying safe while visiting Mexico City.

Short Summary

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit

Mexico City is generally safe, but it’s important to say that crimes do occur throughout the city. Let’s give you an overview of safety in the city to start with.

Usually, non-violent and petty crime is in touristy areas, like the Centro Historic, which ranges from pickpocketing on public transportation to more serious mugging incidents. The city center has some of the safest neighborhoods. If you stick to these ‘safe’ areas, you can stay safe in Mexico City. For instance, avoid carrying too much cash, walking alone at night, and not leaving drinks unattended.

The tourist areas have a good police presence, which deters violent crimes. Mexico City is reasonably safe if you stick to the daylight hours and specific neighborhoods. You can have a wonderful time so long as you practice common sense.

On the other hand, the non-tourist areas and neighborhoods associated with cartels can be dangerous. Examples include Tepito, which is home to La Union Tepito, a cartel organization involved in human trafficking and extortion. Even police presence in…

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