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7 New MACAU Attractions to Add to Your Itinerary

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If it’s been years since you last set foot in Macau, you’ll be surprised by how much it has changed! But don’t go anywhere because in this article, we’ll show you around some of its newest attractions.

When it comes to transformation, few could rival Macau. Every time we return, we’re always greeted by something new – be it a new hotel, new restaurant or new attraction. We recently made two separate trips in the past four months. Prior to this, it has been years since we last set foot in the territory, and we were surprised how drastically Macau has transformed. Many of them were launched during or after the pandemic. Here are seven of them!


1. Harry Potter The Exhibition

Location: The Londoner Macao

Harry Potter The Exhibition MacauHarry Potter The Exhibition Macau

Yes, Macau is now home to a Harry Potter attraction! As Potterheads, wherever there are traces of the Wizarding World, we’ll be there sooner or later. Sooner, in this case, because it was just inaugurated on 15th December 2023. We were able to visit just a month after it opened its doors to wizard wannabes like us.

Encompassing almost 3000 square meters, this brand new interactive museum inside The Londoner will take you through more than 20 magical galleries! But before you start exploring, you need to register first for a more personalized experience. You’ll be given an electronic wrist band that you can use to access many of the fun activities like seeing your name on the Marauder’s Map, brewing your favorite potion, harvesting a shockingly silent mandrake, and having a go at Divination!

Harry Potter Macau Marauder's MapHarry Potter Macau Marauder's Map

Harry Potter Macau MandrakesHarry Potter Macau Mandrakes

Harry Potter Macau ExhibitionHarry Potter Macau Exhibition

There’s a section where you could conquer a boggart or your greatest fear, or conjure a Patronus. Vins had a field day trying to hone his non-existent Quidditch shooting skills, too!

Along the way, you’ll get to know more about Hogwarts and the Wizarding World in general, and how the filmmakers brought them to life.

Harry Potter MacauHarry Potter Macau

Harry Potter Macau DivinationHarry Potter Macau Divination

It was fun, but if you’ve been to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Tokyo, just temper your expectations a little bit. It’s not as huge, as grand or as immersive, but it’s a great experience nevertheless. It’s a fantastic dose of nostalgia for Potterheads.

Regular time slot tickets cost MOP 218 on weekdays, MOP 268 on weekends and holidays. These tickets are limited only to specific time slots. But if you want flexible tickets, you can snatch one on Klook!



Time Slot Tickets

Adult: MOP 218
Child: MOP…

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