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The Best Greek Islands Travel Guide – The Best Way To Visit Greek Islands

greek islands travel guide oia santorini church flag greece

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The beautiful sandy beaches, coastal coves, and white-washed villages are what make legendary vacations. If it’s your first time here, it can be overwhelming. Covering multiple seas and thousands of islands, planning a Greek island hopping trip isn’t as straightforward without some research, especially if you plan on island hopping. This Greek Islands travel guide is a must-read for anyone heading there soon, there is also useful information that will be helpful to discover the best Greek Islands to visit for the first time

Let’s dig into the practical things you might already be making plans for, suggest a few things you may not have already thought of, and let’s delve deeper.

Here’s what we’re covering:

The Best Greek Islands Travel Guide

greek islands travel guide oia santorini church flag greece

This Greek Islands travel guide will primarily focus on The Cyclades, but it will also have information relevant for those planning trips to the whole Greek Archipelago, which spans 6,000 islands and takes up 7,500 km of the country’s 16,000 km coastline.


  • Electricity – 230 volts, 50Hz  european electrical outlet plug drawingeuropean electrical outlet plug drawing
  • Currency – Euros (EUR)
    • 1€ EUR = $1.11 USD = $1.45 CAD
  • ATMs can be found all over and the credit cards are widely accepted
  • SIM card – The three main companies in Greece are COSMOTEVodafone, and WIND.  All companies have some sort of pre-paid package available.  Some are more aggressive about promoting in Athens with street stands but others you have to visit a shop for.  As an example, Vodafone offers 9.2GB for 20 EUR or 4GB for 10 EUR on top of minutes.
  • Alternative data optionsAiralo is what we used in Greece because eSIMs are so easy nowadays.  Make sure to use our code WILLIA9500 to save $3 USD.
  • Measurement system – Metric
  • Tipping – Not a strong culture of tipping but is expected in the service industry. In general 10% is the rule of thumb.
  • Language – The official language is Greek.

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Greek Islands geography

There are at least 6,000 islands in Greece scattered throughout two different seas. To grasp how wide it spans, you need to know the breakdown of these islands and the clusters that form this stunning archipelago.

In this free Greece travel guide we break it down between the two seas that are involved: Aegean and Ionian.

In the image below the boxes give you an…

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