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10 Best Things To Do In Malaga, Spain

daytime citywide view of malaga spain

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A sun-kissed city in the stunning Costa del Sol, Malaga is one of the most beautiful places in Andalusia. This vibrant port city has a 2,700-year history, so visitors will find many fascinating palaces, churches, and buildings to explore.

Malaga also boasts fantastic beaches that can be enjoyed all year round, thanks to the mild climate. In this guide, you will find the 10 best things to do in Malaga, Spain, so you can organize your next trip without much effort. 

From Moorish fortresses to an astonishing number of museums to culturally rich neighborhoods, Malaga is loaded with things to see and do. There’s so much to discover here that you are in for a surprise. So let’s discover together how to make the most of your time in beautiful Malaga.


Here’s what we’re covering:

Things To Do In Malaga

daytime citywide view of malaga spain
Photo via Unsplash by Tabea Damm

Let me help you figure out what to see in Malaga by listing the city’s top attractions so that you can decide what best suits your travel style and budget.

#1 Tour the Alcazaba

alcazaba malaga with poolalcazaba malaga with pool
Image via Unsplash by Fernando Távora

With little to envy, Seville’s Real Alcazar, Malaga’s Alcazaba palace is an absolute must-visit. Built in the 11th century when the region was under the reign of the Berber king Badis-al-Ziri, the Alcazaba is one of the finest examples of a Moorish palace in the world

This astonishing building historically had a double purpose: it was a palatial fortress to defend Malaga from the Catholics, and it was the main residence of the Muslim rulers. Due to its defensive role, the Alcazaba has a strategic position at the base of Mount Gibralfaro, overlooking the city and the sea. The fortress is a proper citadel with defensive walls and towers. 

The royal palace is located in the inner part of the fortress complex. After having enjoyed the incredible vistas from the hill, step inside the Alcazaba to discover all its beauty. In this well-maintained building, visitors will discover sumptuous gardens filled with orange blossoms in the spring and bougainvillea in the winter. 

The palace also features three stunning patios with pools and fountains, all a must-visit. Particularly special is the Patio de los Surtidores, which leads to the Torre de la Armadura Mudéjar, its 16th-century carved wooden…

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