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European RV with bikes on the back driving down the highway

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A road trip across Europe is a dream for many. Rich in history, culture, art, and cuisine, it’s no wonder so many people vacation in countries across Europe. And if you’re an RVer, you might even wonder, can you take your RV to Europe for the ultimate European road trip?

In fact, it is possible, although it’s no small task. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into what you need to do to take your RV to Europe, and everything you’ll need to know along the way. 

Can You Take Your RV To Europe?

European RV with bikes on the back driving down the highway
Traveling Europe by RV is a great way to explore different places

While you obviously can’t drive it there, it is possible to take your RV to Europe. The most common way to do so is to ship your RV by boat. Shipping vehicles overseas is fairly common, but it’s not cheap or simple to do so. 

To get your RV to Europe, you’ll have to:

  • Find an agent or broker that specializes in RV shipments, who will then help you select a shipping line
  • Decide if you want to do Roll On, Roll Off (RORO, meaning you drive the RV on and off the boat) shipping or ship inside a container
  • Decide which ports you’ll ship the RV to and from
  • Pay various costs and fees for shipping

Due to all of this, if you’re not dead set on RVing around Europe in your current RV, you might be better served renting an RV. This won’t be cheap either, but it will likely be less of a hassle.

If you have a well-suited RV and plan on staying in Europe to explore for an extended time, shipping will be the only way. Working with a good broker and doing your research ahead of time will reduce stress and confusion.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship An RV To Europe?

Large shipping container vessel parked at a port with thousands of shipping containersLarge shipping container vessel parked at a port with thousands of shipping containers
Things ship around the world daily in today’s world.

The exact costs to take your RV to Europe will vary widely based on a few different factors:

  • The main factor is the size of your vehicle. Shipping costs are typically priced by cubic meter. So, the length times the width times the height of your vehicle in meters. Expect to spend $50+ for each cubic meter
  • Weight can be a factor as well
  • The exact ports you go in and out of and the distance traveled
  • The value of your RV, which will affect insurance costs
  • Whether you choose RORO or a container for…

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