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How to recreate Britney Spears’ American road trip from Crossroads

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The classic 2002 Britney Spears film Crossroads is back on Netflix, the tale of a raucous all-American road trip in a classic yellow convertible.

As Britney and her two best gal pals set out from Louisiana to California in pursuit of romance and record deals, the movie shines a spotlight on several American cities, including New Orleans, Tucson and Los Angeles.

It also shows how it’s possible to make the journey part of the fun, seeing the United States from the road instead of looking down on it during an aeroplane ride.

From a lucrative karaoke contest in a ‘dive bar’ to route planning sessions over waffles, the trio and their male friend Ben enjoy some traditional American hospitality along the way, providing plenty of inspiration for anyone wanting to make a classic US road trip of their own.

Here’s how to recreate the route, with things to do and places to stay along the way.

What is the route from New Orleans to Los Angeles?

A road trip allows you to see the desert in detail


At the beginning of the film, we discover that Britney and her friends only have $486 for the whole journey, which means they can’t afford to fly and have to take the long way, road. The total distance is 3,000km, and includes the states of Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, crossing three time zones, past prairies, deserts and mountain ranges.

Without any stops, it’s estimated the journey would take 27 hours, but it’s much more fun to stop along the way — especially if there are karaoke contests to enter and motels to lose your virginity in (if you’re Britney’s character).

It’s a straightforward route, even if it’s a long one, as you can simply pick up the I-10 highway in New Orleans and follow it the entire way to Los Angeles.

What to do in New Orleans

Waffle House

The first stop in the movie is at a Waffle House, which is a chain of over 1,900 restaurants across 25 states but most popular in the mid-West. It’s here we find out about the friends’ lack of funds, but they still tuck into some of the eaterie’s famous fluffy pancakes, of which there are four varieties: classic, pecan, chocolate chip and peanut butter chip. Start your trip as you mean to go on by breakfasting on a pile of pecan pancakes with maple syrup and bacon.

Waffles from $5.49,

Cats Meow Karaoke bar

(Cat’s Meow)


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