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Thor Outlaw Wild West Edition

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Sometimes, our RVs alone aren’t enough; sometimes, we want to bring along an extra toy or two. These four late-model used toy hauler motorhomes are prime examples of rigs that allow you to do just that.

Two of these are Class A Motorhomes with toy haulers and the other two are Class C+ RVs with toy haulers. Take your toys on the road with one of these four class A or C+ motorhomes with toy haulers:

  1. Thor Outlaw
  2. Newmar Canyon Star 3927
  3. ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29
  4. Renegade Classic with Garage

In this article, we’ll cover four of the very best toy hauler motorhomes currently available. Each of these specific toy hauler Class A’s and C’s are incredibly popular within the RV community, find out exactly why below!

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Why Are Toy Hauler Motorhomes Hard To Find?

With the overall demand for toy haulers on the rise, it’s interesting that toy hauler motorhomes aren’t getting the memo. The thing is, slapping a garage onto a motorhome is no easy feat.

There’s a fine line that manufacturers have to straddle to provide consumers with plenty of CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity), without chewing it all up with the garage.

A garage means more weight, through more materials and a framework that can handle it. Then you tack on the weight of an ATV that’s pushing half a ton, a car on the hitch, all of your own gear, number of passengers, maybe pets as well, and you get one seriously heavy home on wheels.

It’s also a trade-off commodity. You’re trading off space that’s normally used for a bathroom, kitchen, and living area, for a garage space.

While the garage is great for hauling your toys around, you’ll always have to deal with the fumes from ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, etc. That makes the space less livable, even though it will probably have a drop-down bed and dual-opposing sofas.

Best Used Toy Hauler Motorhomes

There aren’t a ton of toy hauler motorhomes running around out there, which makes the best of the best stand out. The Outlaw is probably the most familiar, though Newmar and some lesser-known RV manufacturers have some skin in the game as well.

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