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Buy Avianca LifeMiles with a 165% Bonus

Buy Avianca LifeMiles with a 165% Bonus

Avianca puts on frequent promotions for buying LifeMiles directly from the loyalty program. In some cases, buying points during sales can represent a great deal, although it’s important to have an immediate plan for how to use them.

This time, Avianca is selling LifeMiles with up to a 165% bonus, which can be an excellent way to score premium cabin flights with Star Alliance airlines at a steep discount.

The sale runs until March 12, 2024, which leaves plenty of time to take advantage of the deal if it works in your favour.

Buy Avianca LifeMiles with a 165% Bonus

From now until March 12, 2024, Avianca is offering up to a 165% bonus on purchased LifeMiles.

This time, you’ll receive a higher bonus as you purchase more LifeMiles, which is structured as follows:

  • Buy 2,000–15,000 LifeMiles and get a 130% bonus
  • Buy 16,000–30,000 LifeMiles and get a 150% bonus
  • Buy 31,000+ LifeMiles and get a 165% bonus

Normally, Avianca sells points at a base price of 3.3 cents per point (USD).

If you were to take advantage of the 165% bonus promotion, you’d lower the cost of acquisition down to 1.25 cents per point (USD).

It’s worth noting that a 165% bonus is one of the best offers that we’ve seen lately, although it’s worth noting that it’s gone as high as 170% in the past year. However, if you have a specific use in mind, this sale can still represent a great deal. 

LifeMiles must be purchased in increments of 1,000, and the minimum purchase amount is 1,000 miles. 

LifeMiles stay active as long as there’s qualifying activity in your account every 12 months. Buying LifeMiles counts as an eligible activity; however, redemptions don’t count. 

Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you have at least one qualifying transaction each year to protect your balance, and sales such as this can be an easy way to extend their lifespan.

How many Avianca LifeMiles can you buy?

Avianca LifeMiles members can buy up to 200,000 LifeMiles per calendar year without taking into account any bonuses. Therefore, if you were to max out this promotion, you’d end up with 530,000 LifeMiles for $6,600 (USD) with a 165% bonus.

Which credit card should you use to buy Avianca LifeMiles?

Recently, Avianca moved from selling points directly from its website to selling them through Therefore, your purchase will no longer be coded as an airline purchase, and it’s not eligible for any…

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