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What Is RV Tail Swing?

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One question we are often asked is – what is RV tail swing and turn radius? So, in this article, we will explain each of these in detail. And we discuss when and where RV tail swing and turn radius come into play when driving your rig.

RV tail swing is a simplified descriptor for the point of an RV that starts from the rear axle and runs to the very end of the RV. The reference applies to travel trailers and fifth wheels as well.

It’s slightly applicable to campervans as well, just not to the same degree, and for obvious reasons. This section of the motorhome is the part that swings directly opposite to the direction you are turning. As Isaac Newton once said, “For every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Of course, motorhomes are not natural, but physics is more in line with Newton’s way of thinking, so it’s more than applicable here. The point is that RV tail swing and turning radius are serious factors you need to consider if you’ve never driven or towed an RV before. It’s an entirely different animal from a car or even a large truck or van.

Are Motorhomes Hard To Drive?

Motorhomes aren’t hard to drive; they’re just different to drive. Everything different requires a bit of time to acclimate. Some acquire the skills quickly and others take more time. Either way, driving a motorhome is a huge responsibility, and practice is necessary.

One of the best ways to do this is to find a vacant parking lot and get some time in with your motorhome. Sure, you’ll look a little silly doing donuts in the old K-Mart parking lot, but that’s okay. Donuts today will make a better driver tomorrow. And no, we don’t mean donuts with the accelerator mashed to the floorboard.

We’re referring to turning. Regardless of how fun doing wild donuts in a 12-ton motorhome sounds, it’s not even close to safe. The point of the endeavor is to get used to the RV tail swing. If you don’t, you’re liable to shove traffic around the next time you turn right at a stop light.

What Is RV Tail Swing?

What Is RV Tail Swing?

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