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7 Best Used RVs and Campers for Tall People – RVBlogger

Mike from RVBlogger measuring the ceiling height of an RV camper with his tape measure

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We have toured thousands of RVs and campers, and we found the best used (or late model) RVs and campers for tall people. These RVs and campers have ample headroom, bed length, and shower height for tall people to be comfortable in their rig.

We’ve conducted enough RV tours to know if you’re 6′ tall and have a headspace that accommodates 6’1″, that’s certainly enough room. But it doesn’t ‘feel’ like enough room. Thankfully, most RV manufacturers readily recognize there are people in the world taller than 5′ 8″.

This list of used and late model RVs and campers for tall people will make a tall person feel as if they are walking on clouds. It’s so much easier to rest and relax in a home on wheels when you don’t feel the jagged edges of claustrophobia creeping in.

Do Tall People Have to Settle for Fifth Wheels?

When tall people walk into an RV dealership, they’re often walked straight to the fifth wheels. It can feel like profiling, but there are valid reasons RV sales representatives take this approach. 

Many tall people drive pickup trucks because the vehicle has the most room for the drivers and passengers. For anyone who drives in with a pickup, sales reps are already thinking of fifth wheels as a possibility.

As we said above, travel trailers have ceiling heights that range from 6.4 to 6.8 feet. The average height of a fifth wheel’s interior measures between 8-10 feet. By maximizing the 13.6 roof height, and lowering the floor to travel trailer levels, full-profile fifth wheels cater to the tallest RVers.

Some floorplans make bedrooms and bathrooms (including showers) more comfortable for people as tall as Basketball Hall of Fame Legend Grant Hill (inducted in 2018), who is 6.8 feet tall.  

Mid-Profile or Full-Profile Fifth Wheels: Which One is Better Suited For Tall People?

If you’re interested in fifth wheels, and ceiling height is an issue, you need to know the difference between mid-profile fifth wheels and the full-profile versions.

Mid-profiles are also known as half-ton 5th wheels. The mid-profiles are generally shorter in length, have less headroom, and have travel trailer-like features instead of residential-level amenities. A significant…

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