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7 of the best beaches in Cambodia

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Cambodia, the southeast Asian country roughly a third of the size of France, and home to around 17 million people, is a land of contrasts.

Bordering Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, this beautiful country boasts lush forests, ancient temples and plentiful wildlife experiences. Its delectable cuisine is known for its fragrant fish dishes, stirfries and noodle soups, plus Cambodian sausages – a cooking class is a great way to get to know the place.

While it’s best known for its Angkor Wat temple complex – a Unesco World Heritage Site, and one of the largest religious monuments in the world – it’s also home to some of Asia’s most picture-perfect beaches.

Although the majority of Cambodia is land-locked, the 275 miles of coastline that it does, on the Gulf of Thailand, have is well worth exploring. Major development is happening in some areas, so it’s worth seeking out the latest updates before you book.

We’ve rounded the best spots to stake your parasol and soak up the scenery.

Long Beach (Sok San), Koh Rong

Koh Rong, home to beautiful Long Beach, is accessible by ferry from Sihanoukville City

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Situated on the idyllic island of Koh Rong, Long Beach is characterised by 7km of powder white sand, lapped by aquamarine waters. While the island’s main town, Koh Toch, is dominated by backpackers, boozing and blaring music, Long Beach remains reasonably untouched by tourist standards.

Despite this, there’s a good range of facilities, including food and drink outlets, plus several beach bungalows and, more recently, the arrival of the island’s only five-star hotel, Royal Sands.

When the sun goes down, look out for bioluminescent plankton lighting up the shoreline.

This tropical paradise provided the backdrop for season 32 of the reality TV show Survivor, but don’t worry – you won’t have to fish for your own supper.

Lonely Beach, Koh Rong

You’ll find Lonely Beach in the far north of Koh Rong, backed by lush forest

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Expect solitude in spades on Lonely Beach, which sits at the isolated northern tip of Koh Rong, far from the bars and bustle further south. This golden arc of sand fringed by swaying palm trees is the ideal spot for some alone time, before watching the sunset and feasting on locally-caught seafood. There’s little in the way of shops or conveniences, however, so make sure…

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