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Are There RV Campgrounds With Fishing?

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Ah, fishing. It’s a truly timeless activity, which has been enjoyed by generations and generations. Not only is it fun and challenging, but if you’re at campgrounds with fishing nearby you may even have something to cook over your campfire!

Few things go together like fishing and camping, and next time you park your RV at a campsite, you might find yourself hankering for some angling. Well, good news: there are tons of great RV campgrounds with fishing nearby all over the country!

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at fishing at and around RV campgrounds. Plus, we’ll give you a list of the 15 best RV campgrounds with fishing, both fresh and saltwater. 

Are There RV Campgrounds With Fishing?

Are There RV Campgrounds With Fishing?

If you’re wondering if there are RV campgrounds with fishing, then good news: the answer is yes!

While it’s far from universal, it’s not uncommon for RV campgrounds to have fishing on-site. In most cases, this comes in the form of a stocked fishing pond at the campground.

Usually, these require no license but are strictly catch and release, so don’t expect to catch dinner at such a fishing pond.

In rarer cases, RV campgrounds have fishing in a natural body of water on their property, such as a river. This isn’t something you find often, but it’s a real treat if you find yourself at a campground with this amenity.

In cases where there’s no fishing on-site at a campground, there’s still a good chance there’s fishing to be found nearby. Look for nearby bodies of water such as lakes and rivers, and you can likely find some decent fishing anywhere you go. 

15 Best RV Campgrounds With Fishing Nearby

We’ve gathered 15 of the best RV campgrounds with fishing nearby for you to check out. We’ll start with 9 great campgrounds for freshwater fishing. Then, we’ll cover 6 top campgrounds for saltwater fishing. 

9 Best Campgrounds with Freshwater Fishing Nearby

First up, 9 campgrounds with freshwater fishing on-site or nearby.

1. Sun Outdoors Rocky Mountains

Sun Outdoors Rocky MountainsSun Outdoors Rocky Mountains

Sun Outdoors Rocky Mountains is the perfect campground with fishing for a mountain getaway. The campground is in Granby, CO, located in the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver. 

The main fishing spot nearby is Lake…

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