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23 Best Things to Do In Sicily, Italy in 2024

Top things to do in Sicily Italy

Southern Italy is home to many wonderful destinations, but few are as captivating as Sicily. The beautiful island seemingly has it all, from high-end vacation resorts to historic Greek and Roman landmarks. That’s precisely what makes it an excellent vacation spot for pretty much anyone! 

Whether your idea of a nice vacation includes relaxing on the beach for hours on end or endless adventures, you can enjoy yourself in Sicily. The island offers a bit of everything, and I want to tell you all about its best attractions and landmarks. 

If you can’t stay in one place for too long, Sicily is a destination you will thoroughly enjoy. Get behind the wheel and drive from one coastal town to another, discovering old churches, castles, and hiking trails that lead to scenic viewpoints. It’s the perfect location for a memorable road trip, so buckle up as we get into all the best things to do in Sicily!   

Best Things To Do In Sicily

Fun things to do in Sicily Italy By a Local

Sicily’s rich history and picture-perfect landscapes leave no one indifferent. I’m certain you will easily find tours and attractions to fill your time on the island and love every second of it! With Baroque towns, Greco-Roman ruins, and delectable food, enjoying your vacation is a given. Consider my favorite Sicily tours and things to do, for an unforgettable trip. 

Best of Sicily Quick Guide

  • Must See: Palermo, Taormina, Catania, Valley of the Temples, Syracuse, Mount Etna, Cefalu 
  • Where To Stay: Hotel Europa, Hotel Villa Athena, San Domenico Palace
  • Fun To Do: Mount Pellegrino, Godfather tours, Parco delle Madonia, Food tours
  • Day Trips: Aeolian Islands, Noto, Marsala Salt Flats, San Vito Lo Capo
  • Must Try Foods: Arancini, Cannoli, Pasta alla Norma, Pesce Spada, Caponata

1. Hop Over To The Aeolian Islands

Things to do in Sicily Aeolian Islands

Situated just off the northeastern coast of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands are the perfect excuse to get a boat and set off on a fun day trip. The volcanic archipelago boasts a total of seven islands, the largest of which is Lipari. 

The namesake town of this island is known for its historic hilltop castle at the center of an archeological site. Come here to see ancient ruins, but also to enjoy incredible panoramic views. 

If you’re more interested in natural landmarks than historic ruins, head to Vulcano Island. Follow a hiking path to the top of a volcano for surreal vistas of a crater and nearby islands. The southern coast of Vulcano features black sand beaches, while the western coast boasts grottos and…

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