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27 Best Places To Visit In Summer In The USA (2024 Vacation Ideas For Everyone)

Best Summer Vacations in the USA

The US is a great place to be when summer hits. You’ve got the hiking trails in national parks like Acadia National Park and Rocky Mountains National Park. There are the west coast beaches and major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. And that’s all without considering the delicious cuisine of New Orleans and the historic East Coast, with New York and Washington DC. Wherever you go in the US this summer, you will find a slightly different personality in each region.

Best Summer Vacations in the USA

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best summer vacations in the USA. A summer vacation is often a highlight of your year. It’s the chance to explore a new national park, city, or road trip. Summer is about building memories and making new connections, enjoying the sunshine that has spread across most of the USA. Sure, these places might be busier in summer, but seeing them in their full glory makes the extra crowds worth dealing with.

There’s so much to do in the USA in summer; these top 27 places will help you create memories of a lifetime. With any of these amazing spots, you’ll have the ‘best summer ever.’

1. New York City

Places to visit in Summer in The USA New York city

People rave about visiting New York in the fall and winter when the city comes to life with Christmas markets and festivity. But when it comes to the ‘city that never sleeps’, you best believe it makes full use of all those extra daylight hours. New York is one of the most fun, activity-stuffed summer vacations. As a summer getaway, New York City has so much to offer. It has pop-up events like movie screenings in Bryant Park, and even things like visiting rooftop bars become more pleasant, with longer evenings and later sunsets.

Places to visit in Summer  NYC

New York is one of our favorite cities. We have endless resources you can scroll through, including a guide on the ultimate one-day itinerary and a guide on our all-time-favorite things to do. In summer, you should especially check out the city’s green spaces (Central Park becomes even more sought-after) as well as day-tripping to some of its nearby beaches.

New York is fantastic to visit in the summer months because of its late-night events, proximity to beaches, and spacious green spaces.

Insider Tip: Check out beaches like Coney Island and Brighton Beach.

Where to Stay: Here’s our thorough guide on where to stay in New York City, plus our favorite hotel, Park Hyatt New York.

2. Napa Valley

Places to visit in the Summer Napa Valley

Napa Valley is California’s wine country. And while this…

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