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Guide To Walking The Historic Boston Freedom Trail

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No trip to Boston would be complete without taking the historic Boston Freedom Trail tour, a walking tour that takes you to the historic sites in the city that shaped the United States over 250 years of history.

Of course, you can explore the Boston Freedom Trail on your own, but why visit one of America’s most historical and oldest cities and not be led around the historic landmarks by a knowledgeable guide for insider tales of high treason, mob agitations, revolutionary actions, and partisan fights of the American Revolution.

Each tour guide is a legendary figure at the forefront of the American Revolution. Isiah Thomas was the publisher of the Massachusetts’s Spy.

While we’re big fans of self-guided tours, we highly recommend doing the historic Boston Freedom Trail Tour with The Freedom Trail Foundation as a way to get a deeper insight into the history.

They provide three different tours, but for those looking for a general history lesson, you’ll want to embark on the Walk Into History tour.

In this guide, we share our experience of doing the Walk Into History tour, including what it was like and the stops on the trail…

Our Experience on the Freedom Walk Boston

tour guide on the Boston Freedom Trail Tour
The Boston Freedom Trail – so much fun

I knew the Freedom Walk Boston would be inspiring and informative as you follow and learn about so many monumental and historical events that helped America gain its Independence from Great Britain.

But, I wasn’t expecting humor.

Our guide, Isiah Thomas, (played by Rob Crean) was dressed in 18th-century clothes – stockings, cloak, three-cornered hat – and he was hilarious.

He had the kind of dry sense of humor that us Australians relate to so well.

The stories he told were quite serious, but it’s all about the delivery. He delivered with such entertainment that we were all disappointed when it ended.

The stories that seemed crazy were so funny, and I wasn’t sure if he was just making them all up.

One thing is for sure, I learned a lot about Boston, the Revolutionary War and all its heroes and villains on this tour because Rob made it fun.

How can you forget stories that are delivered in such a fun way?

guide leading a tour group on The Boston Freedom Trail walking tour

We learned that the Paul Revere story, as most children learn through the poem written by Henry Longfellow, is incorrect.

If you’re not familiar with Paul Revere, he was the hero who rode for…

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