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How to Play Video Games as You Travel the World

How to play video games as you travel woman playing a handheld video game in a cafe

Planning to go on a trip, but don’t want to miss out on your favorite video games? I feel you on that – gaming’s a big part of our family fun. Luckily, the days of dodgy Wi-Fi connections and bulky gaming consoles that gaming as you travel almost impossible are long gone.

We’re a family that loves to game as we travel: whether that means playing Pokémon Go, packing our Nintendo DS systems, or just enjoying games on our phones. I’ve played Pokémon Go everywhere from Canada to Mexico with the kids, and we’ve played Minecraft almost everywhere as a family.

If you’re taking off on a global adventure like us, or just stepping out for a brief getaway, integrating video gaming into your travels is absolutely doable. That said, it’s not always smooth sailing: gaming can be pretty resource intensive.

Why Play Video Games? Shouldn’t You be Sightseeing Instead?

We absolutely enjoy seeing the sights, and have a blast meeting new people, and trying new foods. That said, the introverts in our family (me included!) definitely need down time to recharge for the next adventure, and that’s where gaming comes in. Instead of watching TV, or scrolling social media, we often wind down our days playing a video game instead.

How to Game as You Travel

Our guide helps make sure that your favorite games can travel with you, no matter where you roam. In this article, I look at the secrets to seamless gaming, from choosing the right gear, to finding the fastest, reliable Wi-Fi around the globe. This is for travelers who live to game – let’s turn your travel downtime into an epic gaming adventure.

First up, let’s look at games you can play as you’re out and about.

Enjoy Augmented Reality Games on the Go

Let’s start with one of the easiest ways to game on the go: augmented reality gaming.

What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality (AR) games blend virtual quests and characters with your physical surroundings, and let your living room, backyard, or a city park become the backdrop for epic adventures!

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular AR games out there. There are over eight million daily active players on Pokémon Go alone, meaning you’ll always have plenty of (virtual) company.

Imagine battling dragons on your coffee table or chasing mythical creatures through the streets, all thanks to the wizardry of cameras, microphones, and GPS. AR games don’t just see the world around you; they transform it, layering breathtaking visuals and sounds over the real…

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