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1 Week Sapporo Winter Itinerary – A Snow Festival Adventure

1 week sapporo winter itinerary during the sapporo snow festival view from sapporo tv tower

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Planning a 1 week Sapporo winter itinerary? Look no further! Sapporo is a charming city in Hokkaido, perfect for winter adventures and exploring culture. You’ll find plenty of exciting activities and attractions to make your trip unforgettable. From the famous Sapporo Snow Festival, JAPOW-topped slopes, rejuvenating onsens, and tasty local cuisine, here’s a guide to help you enjoy your 7-day stay in Sapporo during winter.

What You’ll Get Out of This Article

  • Day-by-day breakdown of the itinerary
  • Critical details for important activities and sights you won’t find anywhere else such as which locations are cash-only, how to reserve, transit schedules, and more.
  • Valuable insight to help plan your own Sapporo winter itinerary
  • Google Map of all locations on the itinerary
  • Downloadable access to the itinerary spreadsheet

Here’s what we’re covering:

Legendary Sapporo Winters

1 week sapporo winter itinerary during the sapporo snow festival view from sapporo tv tower

Welcome to Sapporo, where winter turns the city into a snowy wonderland that even Frosty the Snowman would envy! Here, chilly weather doesn’t send people running for cover but rather beckons them outdoors to embrace the frosty delights. Forget about hibernating; Sapporo in winter is all about embracing the snow.

What makes Sapporo the jackpot destination for all winter enthusiasts? Well, besides the fact that you can barely see any pavement on city streets with how high snow is piled high, Sapporo boasts the legendary Sapporo Snow Festival. That same powder creates a pillowy paradise that is not only incredible for skiing and snowboarding, but also horseback riding, rafting, tubing, and so much more.

So, pack your coziest snow boots, your warmest mittens, and a sense of wonder, because Sapporo in winter is a chilly adventure for the brave-hearted and the snowflake-obsessed alike.

What brought us to Sapporo

When we visited Hokkaido in the fall, we could tell from people’s responses that they never even thought of going in a non-winter season. We really fell in love with Sapporo during the trip and we kept thinking about how amazing it would if we came back in the winter.

Several months later, an opportunity came up to return and we couldn’t say no!

This week in Sapporo follows our footsteps through the city where we made an effort to include as many unique experiences as possible. It was a…

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