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American Airlines passenger claims there was no window in ‘window seat’

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A traveller has shown people exactly what a window-less window seat looked like on her recent flight.

The passenger, named Liz, was on an American Airlines flight departing from Cleveland, Ohio, according to Newsweek. In a recent Reddit post she made in the “Mildly Infuriating” subreddit, she shared a photo of her seat on the plane.

“I’ve never been on a flight where the window seat has no window!” she captioned the Reddit post, which showed her sitting in the seat with a blank wall next to her. “If my job wasn’t paying for this I’d be super salty about paying for a non-existent view. But as it is, I’m just mildly infuriated.”

After posting, many people took to the comments to joke about the situation.

“It’s an Imagination Window, where anything you can dream could be true! (Imagination Window is an extra $300+service charge),” one comment read.

Another commenter joked, writing: “When you book a window seat for the views, but the airline assumes you’re more into abstract wall art.”

Other commenters replied saying that they would actually prefer a flight with no windows at all.

“Consider it a blessing, at least it can’t open mid flight,” one comment read.

“More wall for use as a pillow that stays cold and goes BRRRRRRTR,” another commenter suggested.

“Been doing so many long haul flights I’d wish there was no window and more surface to lean and work as a pillow place,” a third commenter agreed, while someone else noted: “Yeah this is an upgrade for any experienced traveller who is looking to sleep for most of the flight.”

This isn’t the first plane seating arrangement that has been discussed on Reddit. Most recently, another traveller was willing to swap seats on a plane for a woman to sit near her husband, until she discovered exactly which seat she would be ending up in.

In the “Entitled People” subreddit, the passenger shared the incident, in which a woman sitting next to him in business class asked him to voluntarily downgrade his seat so that she could sit next to her husband, who was seated in economy.

The Reddit poster explained that the seats were in a two-seat centre pod configuration when the woman was sitting next to him and asked to switch with her husband. He said yes, assuming that her husband was sitting somewhere else in business class, at which point the woman casually…

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